Piro Sports to Feature Two Drivers Despite Limited Budget in 2017

Credit: ADAC Motorsports

For the third year in a row, Cedric Piro will likely return to the ADAC Formula 4 series with his family run team. He’ll be joined at Team Piro Sport by young kart driver and ADAC Sports Foundation protégé, Doureid ‘Dodo’ Ghattas.

Piro has been a regular in the racing world since winning the ADAC KF3 Kart Masters in 2013. He’s finished twenty-fourth over the last two years and will attempt to become a more regular top ten finisher this year. This is despite Piro Sports competing against larger outfits such as Prema Powerteam, Mucke Motorsport and van Amersfoort Racing.

“We’re real enthusiasts and live for motor racing. Everyone’s crazy about the sport at our house, the whole family, my son, my wife and me too, of course,” started Erwin Piro, Cedric’s father and team manager. “We’re David against Goliath.”

“We are, I believe, the only team still spending the night in the camper and van. That’s not for reasons of economy, but because we want to,” says the 65-year-old. “You have to live motor racing. It’s more than just a hobby, you know. We like being at the track. There’s always something new and always plenty to do. It’s our life, being in the paddock.”

Cedric, who has only missed one of the sixteen race weekends over the past two years, will also be studying for a degree in mechanical engineering this season.

“We intend to finish in the Top Ten as often as possible,” says Erwin Piro. “The ADAC Formula 4 is the world’s strongest series for trainee drivers, so you have to be realistic. We have goals, though, for sure. We don’t want to finish 30th. We aim to be in the Top Ten. With our modest budget against teams with a bigger budget – why shouldn’t that be possible? It would certainly be possible with a bigger budget.”

The team hope to train Ghattas over the course of the year, with Cedric’s experience being a benchmark for the young rookie. “I’m very keen to coach Dodo to the best of my ability so that he can make progress in his career as a racing driver,” finished Erwin Piro.