VIDEO: Concussions in Racing: A Case Study – Dario Franchitti & Dr. Stephen Olvey

by Paul Hensby

Some words from IndyCar legend and current team owner Bobby Rahal, courtesy of SAFEisFAST:

Fellow racers,

Concussions in sports are very much in the news today. And thanks to the work of fellow RRDC member and Neurocritical Care Physician Dr. Steve Olvey, racing leads the way in addressing the issue.

In our latest video Dr. Olvey and his rather well-known patient – four-time IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti – take you through a case history. Together they explain concussions – from the point of view of both the injured driver and the doctor treating the driver.

They cover just about everything – the symptoms, the recovery process and knowing when it’s OK to get back in a race car. And finally they discuss Dario’s decision to retire from racing after suffering multiple concussions.

In the good old days of the sport, you simply “got your bell rung” (I seem to remember a few of those). And then you got right back in the car. Now we know better.

I think this a very compelling video that everyone involved in racing should watch. And our thanks to Dario and Steve for participating in such a frank discussion of the issue.

Bobby Rahal

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