Fenestraz takes Hungaroring Lap Record in Friday Tests

Sacha Fenestraz was fastest in both Collective Test sessions at the Hungaroring on Friday - Credit: Antonin Vincent / DPPI

Sacha Fenestraz set a new track record for a Formula Renault 2.0 car around the Hungaroring on Friday as the French-Argentine driver topped both collective test sessions for Josef Kaufmann Racing.

Fenestraz, who sits third in the Eurocup championship standings after taking victory around the streets of Monaco at the end of May, was quickest with a time of 1:40.838s during the first session of the day in Hungary, but lowered that time to a 1:40.244s in the afternoon to pace the thirty-car field.

Two red flags affected the first session, with both Presley Martono (Mark Burdett Motorsport) and Ghislain Cordeel (Arden Motorsport) stopped on track, but Fenestraz did not let the interruptions affect him to lead the way ahead of R-ace GP’s Max Defourny by 0.004 seconds.

Tech 1 Racing’s Max Fewtrell ended the session third fastest ahead of Fenestraz’s team-mate Yifei Ye, while Gabriel Aubry, fresh off a double victory at Monza in Formula Renault 2.0 NEC last weekend, ended up fifth, also for Tech 1 Racing.

Robert Shwartzman was Fenestraz’s closest rival in the afternoon, with the R-ace GP ace 0.190 seconds behind, while Ye and Aubry were third and fourth ahead of Arden Motorsport’s Daniel Ticktum and R-ace GP’s Will Palmer, the current championship leader.

Qualifying for race one takes place on Saturday morning, with the race to follow that afternoon.

Hungaroring Collective Test 1 Result

111Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing1:40.838
29Max DefournyBELR-ace GP1:40.842
37Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing1:40.879
41Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing1:41.050
54Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing1:41.085
629Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport1:41.143
731Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport1:41.211
816Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles1:41.238
993Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport1:41.420
102Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1:41.459
1118Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports1:41.478
1230Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport1:41.486
1333Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport1:41.496
1423Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport1:41.538
1517Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports1:41.620
165Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing1:41.650
1713Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles1:41.715
188Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP1:41.880
1919Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports1:41.881
2022Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport1:41.977
2110Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP1:42.042
226Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing1:42.172
2320Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports1:42.340
2415Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles1:42.638
2521Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport1:42.658
2625Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport1:42.745
2712Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP1:43.082
2834Ghislain CordeelBELArden Motorsport1:43.173
2926Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport1:43.583
3030Bartlomiej MireckiPOLBM Racing Team1:43.934

Hungaroring Collective Test 2 Result

111Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing1:40.244
210Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP1:40.434
31Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing1:40.514
44Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing1:40.670
533Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport1:40.692
68Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP1:40.706
729Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport1:40.800
87Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing1:40.858
917Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports1:40.890
1031Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport1:40.957
112Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1:41.030
1293Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport1:41.093
1330Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport1:41.100
1423Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport1:41.197
155Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing1:41.244
1622Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport1:41.264
1718Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports1:41.266
1812Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP1:41.425
199Max DefournyBELR-ace GP1:41.490
2034Ghislain CordeelBELArden Motorsport1:41.576
2116Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles1:41.596
2226Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport1:41.643
2315Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles1:41.760
2430Bartlomiej MireckiPOLBM Racing Team1:41.761
2513Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles1:41.841
266Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing1:41.845
2719Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports1:41.965
2821Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport1:41.998
2920Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports1:42.073
3025Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport1:43.110