Luca Ghiotto: “The car just got away from me”

Luca Ghiotto crashed out of qualifying in Baku - Credit: Zak Mauger/FIA Formula 2

Luca Ghiotto was naturally disappointed after crashing out of qualifying at the Baku Street Circuit, with the Italian set to start at the very rear of the field as a result for Saturday’s Feature race.

The Russian Time driver has been one of the more consistent drivers in the 2017 FIA Formula 2 Championship, scoring points in every race and sitting fourth in the points standings, but he crashed out of qualifying before being able to get a representative lap time on the board on Friday.

Ghiotto locked his left front wheel heading into turn 15 and slid into the barriers on the exit of the corner, but despite this he hopes to make a good recovery on Saturday with the aim to break into the top ten.

“I have shown strong consistency this year and so it very frustrating to have the accident I did in Turn 15,” said Ghiotto. “It’s a tricky corner with a bit of adverse camber on exit and the car just got away from me.

“Despite the long straight, overtaking is not always easy at this track but I will go into tomorrow’s race and battle as hard as I can to make a recovery.”