Fenestraz, Defourny Share Nurburgring Collective Test Honours

Max Defourny ended the day with the fastest time at the Nurburgring - Credit: Marc de Mattia / DPPI

Sacha Fenestraz and Max Defourny traded fastest times in the two Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 Series Collective Test sessions around the Nurburgring on Friday.

A season-high thirty-one cars took to the track on Friday, with R-ace GP adding two drivers to their usual line-up, with both Charles Milesi and Theo Coicaud coming on board for this round from the teams Northern European Cup squad, although Bartlomiej Mirecki’s family run team, who raced last time out at the Hungaroring, is not in Germany this weekend.

Fenestraz set the initial pace in the first session, with the Josef Kaufmann Racing ace the only driver to get below 1:56s, with his best lap of 1:55.983s seeing him ending up 0.296 seconds ahead of R-ace GP’s Defourny, while two more R-ace GP drivers ended up third and fourth, championship leader Will Palmer ahead of Robert Shwartzman.

Yifei Ye was the only other driver to get below 1:57s in fifth for Josef Kaufmann Racing, with Thomas Randle sixth for AVF by Adrian Vallés ahead of Alex Peroni, Max Fewtrell, Richard Verschoor and Jarno Opmeer.

Defourny, despite a lap being deleted for exceeding track limits, set the fastest time of the day in the second session, with the Belgian ending with a time of 1:55.324s, 0.055 seconds ahead of Fenestraz, with Shwartzman again up at the sharp end in third.

Daniel Ticktum was the best rookie, with the Red Bull-backed Arden Motorsport driver ending up fourth fastest ahead of fellow Briton Fewtrell of Tech 1 Racing, with AVF by Adrian Vallés’ Henrique Chaves sixth.

Gabriel Aubry, twice a winner last time out in Hungary, was seventh quickest for Tech 1 Racing, while Ye, Peroni and Luis Leeds completed the top ten.

Nurburgring Collective Test 1 Result

111Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing1:55.983
29Max DefournyBELR-ace GP1:56.279
38Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP1:56.570
410Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP1:56.664
51Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing1:56.809
616Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles1:57.061
717Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports1:57.159
87Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing1:57.177
929Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport1:57.315
1030Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport1:57.331
1133Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport1:57.359
1213Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles1:57.406
1319Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports1:57.408
142Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1:57.455
154Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing1:57.658
166Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing1:57.695
1740Charles MilesiFRAR-ace GP1:57.752
1826Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport1:57.776
1931Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport1:57.827
2020Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports1:57.946
2123Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport1:58.073
2215Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles1:58.112
2321Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport1:58.144
245Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing1:58.168
2518Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports1:58.195
2612Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP1:58.296
2722Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport1:58.379
2841Theo CoicaudFRAR-ace GP1:58.429
2993Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport1:58.766
3025Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport1:58.903
3134Ghislain CordeelBELArden Motorsport1:59.429

Nurburgring Collective Test 2 Result

19Max DefournyBELR-ace GP1:55.324
211Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing1:55.379
310Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP1:55.636
433Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport1:55.709
57Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing1:56.002
613Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles1:56.046
74Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing1:56.081
81Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing1:56.082
917Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports1:56.144
102Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing1:56.309
1118Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports1:56.331
1223Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport1:56.362
1331Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport1:56.502
1493Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport1:56.633
1526Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport1:56.717
1629Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport1:56.734
1712Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP1:56.798
1819Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports1:56.864
195Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing1:56.865
208Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP1:56.867
2130Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport1:56.894
2234Ghislain CordeelBELArden Motorsport1:56.896
2340Charles MilesiFRAR-ace GP1:56.900
246Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing1:57.049
2516Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles1:57.221
2621Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport1:57.229
2722Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport1:57.387
2815Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles1:57.421
2941Theo CoicaudFRAR-ace GP1:57.547
3020Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports1:57.701
3125Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport1:57.786