Gary Paffett Lucky to Escape Injury at the Norisring

Credit: Daimler

Gary Paffett‘s DTM Series weekend at the Norisring was overshadowed by a crash between himself and Mike Rockenfeller.

“That was a bad smash, but I’m fine. I’m sorry that Rocky got hit and injured as a result. I hope he’ll get well soon. My special thanks go to all the medics – both at the racetrack and in the hospital. They took excellent care of me.” 

Paffett had been attempting to pass Jamie Green, when he made slight contact with the Audi which forced him into the barrier ripping his Mercedes apart before clattering into the side of Rockenfeller’s Audi.

“First of all, I have to say a massive thank-you to the people who designed the car. We keep saying how incredibly safe these DTM cars are nowadays. Here at the Norisring, we’ve seen just how safe they really are. The medical team at the circuit was really good, and the people at the hospital were amazing. They were very good at their job. They did scans and X-rays, and everything looked OK. When I told them how fast I was going when I crashed, they were quite shocked. They were quite surprised that I got out of the car without any injuries.”

When Paffett and Rockenfeller were both safely out of their cars, Paffett went over to the Audi-man to make sure the German was okay before the pair were taken to hospital.

Paffett escaped with bruising to his shoulder and ribs, whilst Rockenfeller sustained a broken metatarsal in his left foot.

The Briton is in 7th place in the drivers’ championship with 55 points as the series moves onto the Moscow Raceway.