Crutchlow Rues Silverstone Qualifying Error

by Louis Suddaby

Cal Crutchlow was left ruing a mistake which potentially cost him pole position for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The home favourite qualified third, just behind Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi and the LCR Honda rider paid tribute to his rivals after both overcame problematic Fridays to qualify on the front row.

Despite their efforts, Crutchlow still felt they could have been beaten and knows in his mind where the time was lost.

“I’m disappointed, I woke up this morning hoping to go under two minutes and Marc was the only one to do it! I thought I could do it but I made completely my own mistakes in sector three and lost quite a lot of time but credit to Marc and Valentino. The speed we’re going this year around this circuit is phenomenal but my team are doing a great job also. When I saw Marc flying through the air yesterday and heard Valentino had some stomach problems, I was hoping they woke up in worse shape than yesterday but it didn’t happen and they pipped me to the post!”

Crutchlow also agreed with Rossi that conditions weren’t as favourable today following overnight rain but he is hopeful that better conditions will lead to a thrilling race tomorrow.

“Today I didn’t have the grip and the feeling I had yesterday. It could’ve been the track conditions. It’s a strange place here and the wind can make a bike feel very different to the day before.  I’m looking forward to the race, I think it’s gonna be a good battle.”

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