Phil House Hints at Immediate Departure from VW Cup

by Connor Jackson

During a talk with TCF after race one at Brands Hatch weekend, Phil House, the 2016 VW Racing Cup champion revealed he would be cutting his season short and will not return to the Cup for 2018.

House has had a troublesome season by his own standards, failing to win a race and dropping from second to fourth in the standings last round. He sits 66 points behind series leader and rival Tom Witts who has so far won a race at every weekend.

The announcement followed his disqualification from the opening event, in which he hit Tom Docker‘s car. The resulting touch at the first corner caused a larger accident that resulted in Docker spinning into the path of Paul Ivens, who flipped his Scirocco, writing it off and sending the 48-year-old to the hospital for checks.

House accepted blame for the incident, but the lost points and the fact he’d start at the back for race two meant his chances of claiming the title narrowed ever more.

The JW Bird Motorsport driver claimed he was “99% sure” he’d not return after Brands, citing work commitments. When asked if he’d be returning in 2018, he claimed, he “definitely won’t.”

“This will be my last year of doing this, definitely my last year. Just work commitments, I wanted to get the fourth title to just be ahead of Joe [Fulbrook]. It was always going to be my last year.”

“It [The Retirement] might be a bit earlier to save some money. If I can’t win the championship then I’ll save up and do something else.”

When asked about Witts, House laughed and replied “I’m sure he’ll miss our races together, he’ll likely be really happy.” Witts himself had no comment on the news, claiming to have not spoken to Phil about it.

“If you’re not feeling it, there’s no point doing it,” concluded House.

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