Fenestraz Takes Pole Hat Trick at Spa-Francorchamps

Sacha Fenestraz took a pole hat trick at Spa-Francorchamps on Friday - Credit: Eric Vargiolu / DPPI

The in-form Sacha Fenestraz secured a pole hat trick at Spa-Francorchamps, with the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 Championship leader looking to extend his advantage at the top the standings this weekend.

The Josef Kaufmann Racing driver has a twenty-three point lead over Will Palmer heading into this weekend’s penultimate round of the season at the Belgian track, and Fenestraz started the weekend in the best possible fashion in the first qualifying session.

With thirty-four cars competing this weekend, thanks to the arrival of the Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup contingent, both qualifying sessions were split into two, and Fenestraz stole a march on his rivals by setting the best time of 2:17.317s to deny Robert Shwartzman of R-ace GP pole position by 0.253 seconds.

Yifei Ye finished second fastest behind team-mate Fenestraz in his group and as a result will start third on the grid, whilst Max Defourny will start fourth for R-ace GP, ahead of Tech 1 Racing duo Max Fewtrell and Gabriel Aubry, who were third fastest in their respective groups.

Red Bull-backed MP Motorsport duo Richard Verschoor and Neil Verhagen will start from seventh and eighth respectively, while Palmer of R-ace GP and Henrique Chaves of AVF by Adrian Vallés complete the top ten.

The grid for race two was set by the second fastest times of the session, and it was Fenestraz’s 2:17.554s that took top spot, with Aubry this time joining him on the front row, with Ye and Shwartzman on row two ahead of Fewtrell and Defourny.

Thomas Randle will start race two from seventh on the grid for AVF by Adrian Vallés ahead of Verhagen and Palmer, while R-ace GP’s Gilles Magnus will start tenth, the leading of the NEC stars, as he will be in race one when he starts fourteenth.

The cars took to the track again for a second qualifying session, but no one could deny Fenestraz a triple pole position, with his 2:17.407s easily enough to take top spot, with Shwartzman more than four-tenths of a second slower in his group.

Palmer and Aubry will share the second row ahead of Fewtrell and Defourny, with Verschoor and Verhagen again on the fourth row ahead of Ye and Magnus, who again was well clear of the other NEC competitors.

Race 1 gets underway on Saturday morning.

Spa-Francorchamps Race 1 Qualifying Result

111Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing2:17.317
210Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP2:17.570
31Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing2:17.633
49Max DefournyBELR-ace GP2:17.604
57Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing2:17.897
64Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing2:17.816
729Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport2:18.262
831Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport2:18.221
98Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP2:18.332
1013Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles2:18.266
1116Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles2:18.334
1230Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport2:18.339
135Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing2:18.455
1444Gilles MagnusBELR-ace GP2:18.483
1517Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports2:18.795
1612Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP2:18.579
1715Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles2:18.989
1833Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport2:18.708
1918Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports2:19.003
2026Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport2:18.854
2114Xavier LloverasESPAVF by Adrian Valles2:19.154
2223Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport2:18.890
2340Charles MilesiFRAR-ace GP2:19.234
2493Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport2:19.035
256Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing2:19.317
2622Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport2:19.233
2742Michael BenyahiaMORR-ace GP2:19.353
2841Theo CoicaudFRAR-ace GP2:19.286
292Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing2:19.667
3096Bartlomiej MireckiPOLBM Racing Team2:19.341
3125Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport2:20.840
3219Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports2:19.354
3320Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports2:20.945
3421Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport2:19.961

Spa-Francorchamps Race 2 Qualifying Result

111Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing2:17.554
24Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing2:17.963
31Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing2:17.685
410Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP2:17.978
57Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing2:17.923
69Max DefournyBELR-ace GP2:17.996
716Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles2:18.335
831Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport2:18.467
98Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP2:18.432
1044Gilles MagnusBELR-ace GP2:18.506
115Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing2:18.477
1213Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles2:18.549
1329Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport2:18.498
1412Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP2:18.595
1515Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles2:19.034
1630Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport2:18.763
1718Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports2:19.037
1833Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport2:18.845
1917Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports2:19.107
2023Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport2:18.955
2114Xavier LloverasESPAVF by Adrian Valles2:19.227
2226Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport2:19.042
2342Michael BenyahiaMORR-ace GP2:19.472
2422Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport2:19.265
2540Charles MilesiFRAR-ace GP2:19.491
2693Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport2:19.295
276Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing2:19.539
2896Bartlomiej MireckiPOLBM Racing Team2:19.399
292Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing2:19.736
3041Theo CoicaudFRAR-ace GP2:19.506
3120Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports2:21.025
3219Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports2:19.628
3325Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport2:21.305
3421Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport2:19.979

Spa-Francorchamps Race 3 Qualifying Result

111Sacha FenestrazFRAJosef Kaufmann Racing2:17.407
210Robert ShwartzmanRUSR-ace GP2:17.836
38Will PalmerGBRR-ace GP2:17.707
44Gabriel AubryFRATech 1 Racing2:17.856
57Max FewtrellGBRTech 1 Racing2:17.786
69Max DefournyBELR-ace GP2:18.084
729Richard VerschoorNEDMP Motorsport2:17.937
831Neil VerhagenUSAMP Motorsport2:18.361
91Yifei YeCHNJosef Kaufmann Racing2:18.123
1044Gilles MagnusBELR-ace GP2:18.496
115Thomas MaxwellAUSTech 1 Racing2:18.378
1230Jarno OpmeerNEDMP Motorsport2:18.559
1317Alex PeroniAUSFortec Motorsports2:18.634
1433Daniel TicktumGBRArden Motorsport2:18.692
1516Thomas RandleAUSAVF by Adrian Valles2:18.747
1626Presley MartonoINOMark Burdett Motorsport2:18.933
1718Aleksey KorneevRUSFortec Motorsports2:18.788
1823Aleksandr VartanyanRUSJD Motorsport2:18.979
1914Xavier LloverasESPAVF by Adrian Valles2:19.064
2019Frank BirdGBRFortec Motorsports2:19.034
2140Charles MilesiFRAR-ace GP2:19.126
2212Raul GuzmanMEXR-ace GP2:19.077
236Thomas NeubauerFRATech 1 Racing2:19.155
2493Zane GoddardAUSArden Motorsport2:19.110
252Luis LeedsAUSJosef Kaufmann Racing2:19.196
2622Jean Baptiste SimmenauerFRAJD Motorsport2:19.140
2742Michael BenyahiaMORR-ace GP2:19.400
2813Henrique ChavesPORAVF by Adrian Valles2:19.148
2915Axel MatusMEXAVF by Adrian Valles2:19.653
3021Sun Yue YangCHNJD Motorsport2:19.477
3120Najiy Ayyad bin Abd RazakMALFortec Motorsports2:20.051
3241Theo CoicaudFRAR-ace GP2:19.630
3325Julia PankiewiczPOLMark Burdett Motorsport2:20.576
3496Bartlomiej MireckiPOLBM Racing Team2:19.921