Politics Saved Sebastian Vettel from Singapore Penalty – Jos Verstappen

Sebastian Vettel escaped penalty after the Singapore Grand Prix start-line crash, and Jos Verstappen reckons he knows why...Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd.

Max Verstappen‘s father, Jos Verstappen, believes Sebastian Vettel escaped any sort of punishment for the start-line crash at the Singapore Grand Prix for political reasons, owing to the Germans positioning in the driver’s championship.

Vettel, who is widely believed to be at blame for the incident that removed himself, Verstappen, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso from the race, entered the Singapore Grand Prix just three points behind Lewis Hamilton in what had been up to that point an incredibly intense championship fight.

The start of the race saw Vettel move across the track to defend his lead from a fast starting Verstappen. But with Raikkonen also starting well, Verstappen found himself pinned between the two Scuderia Ferrari’s and the resulting contact saw both Ferraris collide with each other and ultimately retire from the race along with the Dutch teenager.

Jos blames Vettel for the incident but the race stewards saw no reason to award any sort of penalty and the former Grand Prix racer believes it’s because of Vettel’s championship position, although the German is now twenty-eight point behind Hamilton.

“Maybe it’s a political excuse because Vettel cannot allow anything,” Jos told motorsport-magazin.com.

“If they gave a real punishment, the championship will be over. That’s why I do not think there’s anything there.”

  • bobmendon

    Somebody give the man more booze. I think he’s suffering from delirium tremors and alcohol withdrawal. I hate to tell him that his son was the only driver to make contact with another driver that was nearly clear of him. As long as everyone focuses on Vettel, nobody is going question his son’s contribution to that mess.

  • D.Duck

    ……drivel. Vettel has been battered by the media around the world for what they see as “his reckless and unnecessary swerve” across the track trying to defend from Ver ! He panicked and did the only thing he could do, swerve across track and try to intimidate Max!!! Rai right rear then made contact with Max left front and that spun Rai into Vettel….Max didnt hit anybody, it was Rai overtaking Max who made contact tyre to tyre!

  • Do Do

    The video I saw shows Vettle past Max then he make the 1 move that he’s entitled to. Vettle can’t see Kimi obviously. Once Vettle is in front of Max, Max should have backed off, instead he chose to move left into Kimi. That’s what I saw. IMO, from the video I saw, once again Max chose wrong. Now I might have a different opinion if I could see from directly above but if Seb moved in front of Max while in front of him then he did nothing wrong.

  • Max never uses his brakes when other Cars are around ,he has this GOD given right and who is that GOD, Jos & RBR and FIA particularly Charlie Whiting and of course,many of these Stewards.
    It was very clear Kimi had a great start, Vettel was trying to protect himself, but then Max never used his brakes , he is the wunder kid who does not know how to slow down. If Vettel is the culprit Max is equally the culprit and Max has not apologised to Kimi for wrecking his race and he expects Vettel to do for an act max is equally responsible. Jos go back to beating your father all ends up, which is what you are good at, rather than taking pot shots at others.

  • John

    Like in any race the one in pole protect his position. In addition Vettel didn’t make contact with anyone. Max was clearly beaten by Kimi, had max slowed down we would have a different outcome.

  • jimjimmy123

    You really have no idea about racing if you think there is anyone to blame for that accident apart from Vettel.

  • jimjimmy123

    Lol, you are in fantasy land.

  • Salvu Borg

    “Jos blames Vettel for the incident” Who does anybody expect Jos to blame? surly not his son.

  • Salvu Borg

    number 33 was the first off the start line to move first to the right and then to the left, it was after moving to the left that he hit number 7 right rear wheel with his front left wheel which means number 7 car was in front of him up to the rear wheels.

  • John

    Unlike max’s father I’m not related to Vettel, I’m not even German. Since you are a brain explain to me racing…..

  • Salvu Borg

    and you sure have all the ideas on God’s green earth about racing if you nobody but Vettel for the accident.

  • Johnn

    That’s the explanation that you come with Jim? I git to tell you that’s not very convincing.

  • Richard Piers

    So the opinion of one of the drivers’ fathers warrants a banner headline present a fact ?!

  • nakagoli

    well, Jos is hardly likely to confirm that “politics saved Verstappen from Singapore penalty”, is he? not afraid of some bias then Jos?

  • nakagoli

    Obviously you have never raced anything other than your x-box. Unlike some of us here who have actually raced for real.

  • nakagoli

    first i knew that Jos was related to Seb! oh well, we all know Jos’s reputation…..

  • Holym4n

    So much for dash cameras, they are no match for subjectivity.

  • Bill Cape Coral

    Jos Verstappen needs to shut his pie hole, he was never a top driver his whole career and his son is an ignorant mouthy punk just like his old man.

    Max Verstappen has been involved in one incident after another since his move to RedBull and that even includes him running into his teammate.

    The fact is little Max Verstappen is in way over his head and he has shown he is not yet capable of learning from his mistakes.

  • Bill Cape Coral

    You need to make an appointment with the eye doctor and get some glasses son.

  • Roger Flerity

    I love the “widely believed” assertion. A blatant journo re-write of history to deride Vettel, a popular game. Max had many options and clear track to his right. He chose to take the inside line. If Kimi were not there, what could he have possibly accomplished? Vettel would move right, take the corner. Max would have flat spotted his tires to turn in time, deep to the inside, likely spearing Vettel, who would be turning across him as he apexed. It was a bad approach by Max. Kimi was left to pass even further to the inside, as Max was sitting directly to Vettels rear, with no place else for Kimi to go. Then Max piled bad decision on bad, by blindly moving further left into Kimi, who he obviously did not see directly beside him. While it might be called that this was not Max’s fault, he was hardly innocent, and responded to Vettels overly agresseive defensive move, by taking perhaps the worst possible line in reaction, showing how immature he is as a driver. Put Alonso in thar same spot – no collision, no DNF. Max lacks discipline, and mistakes blind barging maneuvers as skill. His father was not a success, was and is a violent man. The love affair with the Verstappen family is a true puzzler.

  • backmarker

    a week has passed and we can judge this more with a more clear mind.
    -first of all, the race should had been started under SC. almost all the drivers on the normal racing line had worst starts than the others, which it’s normal in the wet. you can clearly see this on a replay. Vettel’s pole was practically cancelled with the standing start -politics.
    -second of all, Verstapen was the culprit in the incident. he simply swerved into Raikkonen.

  • Djangoneverchained

    A simple question and what is a simple answer. What was Vettel thinking at the start moving to the left to cover Max when his race is not with Max. The simple answer is fear and atupidity.

  • Mark A. Griffiths

    Right call was made. Just a racing incident that I still couldn’t pinpoint one single driver as the instigator. All three drivers have been punished enough by scoring zero points. What use are further penalties now?

  • C hndz

    No you haven’t don’t lie man

  • Forza

    It was a racing incident and nothing more. if anyone is to blame its Kimi for attempting a stupid move on his team mate when he should have backed off

  • Chris Sweeney

    As a Lewis fan.I see Vettle getting away with murder like clearly not in his starting grid at the start of one race . (No penalty) then running into the back. (No Penalty)and then clearly hiting Louise again.(No penalty. In all fairness if Vettle is in front he can pull in front of Max. no problem
    It’s clear to see he getting away with lots.

  • kulugo

    specsaver buddy ..lol!

  • kulugo

    all of them should be faulted.. max move to the right at the start and then starts moving left while vettel starts squeezing him..it was when max moving to the left and kimi slightly moving to the right when both of them touch. of course max can argue that he move to the left because he saw Vettel starts to squeeze him and then kimi also squeezed him.suppose max maintain the straight path and kimi also maintain the straight path both of them could have avoided touching each other but Vettel for sure will touch max.

  • miggsie

    Except every single pole sitter does exactly what Vettel did, I bet none of the whiney Hamelots complain when Hamilton does it, which is everytime he starts on pole,
    go watch what he did to Stroll at Monza, he was almost in the pit exit lane he’d moved so far across, far more than Vettel did in Singapore.

    In truth the real cause of the crash was Kimi, Kimi knew
    that Vettel would come across, because everyone does, plus he could see Verstappen, had acres of
    space to his left and a clear speed advantage due to his awesome start, for some reason he moves right and pointlessly squeezes Max who had nowhere to go.

  • miggsie

    unlike Louise, who has a history of driving people off the track.

  • Roger Flerity

    Motor GP commentators are now having a laugh at F1’s expense. Motor 3, last corner defense by Mir, serves across two competitors to break the draft and block their pass caused the two cut off to whinge on the podium, calling for Mir to be penalized. No penalty was forthcoming, while the commennter stated that he did what he needed to do to win, as did the two to avoid a collision. After all, he said… “this isn’t F1 is it…” to which others on the mic had a laugh. Between Moto2, Moto 3 and UP, there were more passes with aggressive hard moves than in an entire season of F1. F1 is becoming a sissified form of itself with its constant wimping.

  • Jan Henk Bokma

    If Jos should shut up for not being a top driver maybe you should shut up for not even being a driver?

  • Capt Phillip Carr

    You are spot on my friend! Kimi didn’t move but blasted up the inside. Vettle was in front of Max which he is entitled to do although quite aggressive, Max moved left, clipped Kimi spinning him into Seb. Very clear, Max should have backed out not jinked left when Vettel blocked him imho

  • Kieran Rudrum

    “Max Verstappen has been involved in one incident after another since his move to RedBull and that even includes him running into his teammate.”
    Vettel ran into Kimi in China last year, caused two further 1st corner crashes last year (Belgium and Malaysia) and has been at fault for further cases of reckless driving in Azerbaijan and Mexico, while Singapore was just dumb considering his position in the championship.

    Not a fan of Max but Ferrari fans (I say that because lets be honest, most Vettel fans would not be Vettel fans if he drove another car) don’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to reckless driving

  • John

    Two mistakes that vettel did.
    1st Not to have a better start
    2nd Is to think that max is going to behave like a decent driver.

  • Djangoneverchained

    Max has had a aweful season compared to the last. The entire field knows that as we as fans do. Max qualified well and in rain he had nothing really to lose in the greater scheme of the championship but simply to win this one. And to top it off it was wet where he shines and a track where power is not king. Vettel had one job only and it was to keep hamilton behind him at the start and capitalize on the lack of equal pace to the Ferrari’s. If Vettel had just kept his grid position line he would most likely would be leading the championship going into Malaysia. But Max has spooked the choosen one and he made a very reckless decision which not only compromised his ability to negotiate the first turn but also his teammate that started on the left side on the grid in which he couldnt see. So here it is that both Ferrari’s scored nothing and wasted the opprtunity to close the points in the constructors race and also the WDC. Max is a teenager and Vettel is not, but Vettel may be chronologically older but his behavior seems to contradict the obvious. In the meantime, Mercedes and Lewis breaths a sigh of relief and lodging those critical points in the bank!

  • Vettel should have been given a five grid place penalty,but he has now only himself to blame for losing the world championship!

  • Mike


  • Roger Flerity

    He was thinking he would do whatever he could to protect the lead into turn one, that those behind him (Verstappen) would do what they needed to do to protect themselves. It’s a regular strategy used by so many pole sitters over the decades. He wanted to win, and at Singapore, that means avoiding getting trapped behind Vertsappen, who has proven he will do whatever HE needs to do to block anyone passing him – including running off track and pushing others off. So, yes, the race was indeed with Verstappen, who sat 2nd on the grid. These guys don’t race championship points, they race to win each race. As points are points, so getting the max from each event is a necessity. The real question is… what was Verstappen thinking as he dove to the inside left of Vettel? They were heading toward a left hand turn. Where did he think he was going to go when they approached the corner with him trapped deep to the inside, leaving Vettel free to move right to make a proper corner entry from the outside? Verstappen would never have made that corner, unless he just cut across the apex… something he has done before, or speared into Vettel just past the apex, as he slid over the curbs. Seems a pretty stupid move there, when one considers how much track was available to him on the right, as Vettel left a big hole over there. Kimi also likely assumed Max would avail himself of the opportunity to go right to the outside, holding Vettel to the insid – allowing Kimi to drop behind Vettel. His assumption was as big a mistake as Vettel’s – assuming Max would do what was necessary to protect himself, to make a proper pass with the track available to him. Verstappen did not even see Kimi, he was so focused on Vettel through his red haze, that he allowed the contact to happen – his left front to Kimi’s right rear, which means Kimi should have been easy to see and avoid – he was driving a bright red car too… While the stewards found no fault, there was one player who had it in his power to avoid the entire mess, who had all of the cars involved in the collision clearly in his forward view – and that was Verstappen.

  • Djangoneverchained

    With all that you have said, I have to ask this question. Who drove up the outside (right) of Vettel when he turned left to cover Max? Hint, the person in question started 5th on the grid two rows behined.

  • KimBoss

    Kimmi got a great start. 3 into 1 doesn’t go!!! Kimmi and Max a bit too close. It’s Kimmi’s fault really. Vettle is fine to take the line that he did. #HEWASINFRONT Yes Vettle probably should have been a bit more generous but no way could he see Kimmi. And MAX? We’ll the BOY is no saint!!! He’s not in a championship race – so MAX “Let’s leave the top step to those that are!!!” Innit? K.

  • KimBoss

    Load of Rubbish!!!

  • KimBoss


  • KimBoss

    I agree. Vettle was on Pole, so in my opinion he was in front. Max needs to chill out! But Kimmi must have thought he was in Ghost Mode. Where did he think he was going to end up? Lol! K.

  • KimBoss

    Yep. True, very true!!!!

  • Anoop

    Yeah right after your son pulled a Classic #pit_maneuver. Here’s is a guide on how its done #verstappens

  • Marc Hameleers

    If you think verstappen wasnt going to make that corner, you must think kimi is superman if you believe that he could make that corner.

    Verstappen drives on the edge, sometimes over it. In this incident, Vettel is to blame.

    You cannot seriously suggest max could not make that corner and think that kimi was… Yet you do not blame kimi….

  • Saladin

    Massa a mirage? Hamilton used massa like a punching bag in 2011.

  • SebVet

    Many first lap incidents in F1 over the last few seasons – there is one common denominator – Max Verstap! He’s a total race wrecker!!! Ban Him before he kills someone!!!

  • MM13

    Ban SebVet before he kills someone, like his stupid attack on HAM in Baku.
    He is an over-the-top and frustrated angry man, who has lost his former skills. Hate him (obviously you do) or love him, VES is the F1 future !

    About the Singapore start-incident, all F1 experts blame this on Seb. He was the one who moved most and had to know that there was a danger in doing so. VES and RAI just tried to go in a straight line. It was Seb’s move that crashed into these lines, not the other way. If you can’t see this then you better start watching tennis.

  • Dec McCulloch

    Are you ok? Only someone deranged would try to blame Hamilton for that crash. Are you serious or just bitter?

  • Dec McCulloch

    NOBODY apart from Ferrari and their fans have placed any blame on Max for that stupid incident. At best for Vettel it was a “racing incident”. Every single pundit, and ex/current driver that have not been politically correct and used the racing incident answer have said how stupid Vettel was. Its been a horrid season for Vettel and he’s got off lightly in 2 dangerous incidents now. Remember he initial blamed Baku on Hamilton before calming down and realising the data and video made him look a fool. Sorry but Vettel has a history of this kind of idiocy at both RedBull and Ferrari. Yes, Max is aggressive and not exactly perfect but Singapore was in no way at all his fault. Only a fool thinks otherwise.

  • Djangoneverchained

    Please read that my post was in response to an above post. Read carefully and try to understand that MY post was to point out that Vettel had just ONE thing to be focused on, which was to KEEP Hamilton BEHINED and NOT MAX. Hope this makes it CLEAR that my previous post was NOT blaming Lewis whatsoever!

  • Dec McCulloch

    I think Vettel is/was so confident (or arrogant) in his own world that winning is absolutely everything. That incident was more about being in front at the 1st corner. Singapore was a real opportunity to open up a points lead that would be vital unless Lewis has a DNF and I think the pressure of that situation got to him. I agree that his focus should have been on Lewis but being in 5th I doubt he thought Lewis would be close and worth worrying about. Lets be honest here, this is the first time Vettel has been in contention for a WC that includes a true fight with a number of cars from other competitors.

  • SebVet

    A rather unlucky move by Sebastian Vettel at worst! Had his car not been damaged, and he’d won – he’d have been called a genius; as he is! However, luck escaped him once more. Remember: Sebastian hit no one – he was hit by Raikko, who in turn was hit by Mad-Max – who is not just a car & race wrecker, but now a championship wrecker too! Race officials are a little to blame: had they hit the Max with a six month ban earlier, then he may have learned his lesson by now – that races aren’t won at the first turn – but can certainly be lost! Come on Jos – have a word with him and help him move on to a slightly higher level, which will make him!

  • Djangoneverchained

    In my opinion Vettel allowed Max in his head rent free. That reason is two things, it rained earlier heavily which allowed for a green track which lead to mixed conditions with a standing start. Max is very strong in the wet and Vettel got spooked by Max hence he being focused on Max rather than Hamilton whom he is actually in reality racing, not Max. Vettel was foolish and nothing can make actions logical in the grand scheme of the championship fight.

  • jdpintexas

    Max was a fault for not using his breaks. When getting sandwiched, intelligent drivers back out of the sandwich. Vettel was well within his right to defend, especially based on the distance he was ahead of Verstappen. Max’s ignorance and immaturity of youth are showing loudly.