Lewis Hamilton ‘Not an Idol to me’, says Lando Norris

by Paul Hensby

Lando Norris acknowledges that Lewis Hamilton is a great driver, but the seventeen-year-old does not see the four-time Formula 1 World Drivers’ Champion as one of his idols.

Norris, who was confirmed as the reserve driver for the McLaren Formula 1 Team in 2018 on Monday, said that he did not talk to his fellow Briton during last years FIA awards but he did talk with Sebastian Vettel, something he was pleased to do.

“I don’t know Lewis,” said Norris to the Daily Mail. “He was at the FIA awards at the end of last year so I saw him there, but we didn’t speak.

“I did speak to Sebastian Vettel, though. He made time for me and we spent five or 10 minutes chatting. It was kind of him to do that.”

Norris, who credits MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi as one of his idols, says he is honoured to be considered Briton’s next big star in Formula 1, particularly after winning five titles in just three years, and he is hoping this incredible run continues into 2018.

“It is cool to think about that sometimes,” admitted Norris. “I look up to Lewis as a very good driver, and he is especially quick in qualifying.

“I support him because he is British, but he is not an idol to me. I try to do well and hopefully the rest will take care of itself.”

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