Stroll Feels He’ll be ‘A Completely Different Driver’ in 2018

Lance Stroll will begin his second season in F1 in Australia next month
Credit: Octane Photographic Ltd

Lance Stroll will head into his sophomore campaign in Formula 1 feeling he is a completely different driver to where he was ahead of his rookie season, thanks to the experience he has acquired over the past twelve months.

The 2016 FIA European Formula 3 Champion joined Williams Martini Racing in 2017 but took some to adapt to his new surroundings, making a points breakthrough in his home race in Canada before claiming a surprise podium in Azerbaijan.

Stroll ended the year twelfth in the points standings, just one place and three points behind more experienced team-mate Felipe Massa, and now he heads into his second season with more confidence and with experience of all of the tracks on the calendar.

“I think over the course of the year I’ve changed dramatically as a driver,” said Stroll on “I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I’ve gained a lot of experience competing at the highest level in the world with the best drivers in the world.

“You experience all different kinds of emotions, you face adversity and I’ve experienced standing on a podium and starting on the front row. It’s taught me so much about being a racing driver, and travelling the world and racing all these different tracks and against the best drivers in the world.

“I really had to learn and adapt more than ever before because there is so much to do in F1, so much to be on top of as a driver. It really requires perfection just to walk out of a weekend with a decent result. That’s why it’s called Formula 1.

“But I definitely feel like, compared to where I was in Melbourne 2017, I’m a completely different driver.”