Ladell Leads Ginetta Media Day in the GT4 Supercup

GInetta GT4 Supercup - Brands Hatch 2018
Credit: Jakob Ebrey Photography

It would be Charlie Ladell from the Rob Boston Racing team that came out on top at the end of a frantic Ginetta Media Day in the GT4 Supercup. His time of 47.544 would have only been good enough for fourth at last years Brands Hatch test, with four less runners present.

Ladell will take confidence in the run, having been challenging at the top all day, lowering the benchmark in the closing minutes. Meanwhile in the AM category, Jack Minshaw started this years title bid topping two of the four sessions with a personal best of 49.262.

Numbers may have seemed sparse, though seemed no issue for Ashley Gallagher, Ginetta’s Motorsport manager, who ensured TCF that they were expecting twenty cars for the opening round.

At the start of the day, it was Carl Boardly in the Team HARD. machine who topped the standings. His time of 49.096 was enough to edge out Ladell with Minshaw returning to the top of the AMs. As for Boardly, he pulled out of the final running, leaving the track early.

The second session would see Jac Constable take the honours with his Hart GT teammate Alex Taylor topping the AM standings. After the drivers took a break for lunch, it would be former Junior racer Harry King who took a march at the front dropping the benchmark to 47.771.

With the sun setting on the day, and Tilley heading home early to save tyres and the engine, Minshaw raced back to the top of the AMs, with Ladell seemingly unchallenged despite the oppositions best attempt to close the gap.

King and Constable would complete the top three, as a quiet day for Angus Fender saw him record fourth in the overall classifications.