Norma Auto Concept Will Field 15 N30 LMP3s At Road to Le Mans

by Jean-Paul Hackett

Norma Auto Concept, the French sports car manufacturer, based in Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre, will have fifteen Norma M30 cars, run by nine different teams, entered into the LMP3 category of The Road To Le Mans races ahead of the Blue Riband endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Road to Le Mans is the highlight of the Michelin Le Mans Cup where the teams and drivers get to race on the full 13.6km circuit at La Sarthe in front of 250,000 fans who have gathered to watch the world’s greatest endurance race.

A regular Michelin Le Mans Cup race is 120 minutes long, but the Road to Le Mans features two 55 minute races, one on Thursday afternoon (17h30) and one on Saturday morning (11h30). The reason for the change is that there is no refuelling of the cars at Le Mans, so the maximum duration allowed is for one tank of fuel.

“I am delighted to see fifteen M30 prototypes entered for this race. With 15 cars entered into the race, it shows the work that we have done in just a few months. One year ago there were only three chassis’ for Road To Le Mans,” Yann Belhomme, director of Norma Auto Concept, said, “I thank the teams who trust us. They will enjoy it, the car is amazing!”


N°1 – DKR Engineering (Winslow / Polley)
N°3 – DKR Engineering (Hoogenboom / Petersen)
N°9 – Cool Racing (Kraut / Andrews)
N°16 – M Racing – YMR (Millara / Bihel)
N°19 – Ultimate (Heriau / JB. Lahaye)
N°20 – DB Autosport (Maulini / Foubert)
N°21 – DB Autosport (Wolff / Schatz)
N°25 – Lanan Racing (Benham / Tappy)
N°30 – CD Sport (Pons / Hörr)
N°39 – Graff (E. Trouillet / A. Trouillet)
N°40 – Graff (Chila / Dannielou)
N°60 – CD Sport (Mélin)
N°65 – Graff (Pasian / Delafosse)
N°72 – TFT (M. Robin / A. Robin)
N°73 – TFT (Weil / Michel

Road to Le Mans Spotters Guide


Free Practice 1
13 June 2018 20:30
Duration: 60 min.

Free Practice 2
14 June 2018 2018 09:00
Duration: 60 min.

Qualifying session 1
14 June 2018 13:30
Duration: 20 min.

Qualifying session 2
14 June 2018 14:05
Duration: 20 min.

Race 1
14 June 2018 17:30
Duration : 55 min.

Race 2
16 June 2018 11:30
Duration : 55 min.

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