Cupra e-Racer wins second international design award

by James Bowers

Spanish marque, Cupra, have picked up another award for their ‘e-Racer’ all-electric touring car. This time around, the car has won top prize in the Conceptual Transportation category at the 2019 German Design Awards; a prestigious international awards ceremony.

Cupra are particularly proud of this achievement, as their e-Racer has gone under the scrutiny of a world-renowned panel of leading technological experts, who judge designs across multiple industries.

Alejandro Mesonero, Director of Design at Cupra/SEAT, said: “We are proud the CUPRA e-Racer continues to be honoured, recognising the hard work and dedication of everyone who worked on the all-electric touring car. This award highlights how truly pioneering the project is and the importance it has.” 

As far as racing goes, the Cupra e-Racer offers some very desirable traits. Of course, being 100% electric, the car’s impact upon the environment is far less than that of a regular petrol-engined race car. But that’s not all. In fact, along with improved energy efficiency, the Cupra e-Racer also offers a greater level of performance than its petrol-powered counterpart, the Cupra TCR.

Powered by four single-gear electric motors, the e-Racer can get from 0-60mph in an astounding 3.2 seconds, and will boast a peak power output of 500kW (670bhp). And it’s not just sheer grunt that the electric car can offer more of. Indeed, it’ll also come with a great deal of aerodynamic upgrades too.

Air curtains above the Cupra logo, and on each side of the front bumpers, are designed to reduce drag at the front of the car. In addition, further carbon fibre panels along the side of the car have been introduced, also to help improve air flow.

Although electrification has been met with a degree of cynicism from some more traditional segments of the motorsport fanbase, it cannot be argued that racing car design – and therefore future road car technology – is reaching an intriguing phase of technological development. Pioneering cars such as the Cupra e-Racer will therefore play a huge role in defining the future of not only motorsport, but the motoring industry too.

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