KymiRing continues its preparations for inaugural MotoGP test

by Robert Jones

With the first test of the new KymiRing fast approaching, MotoGP officials have held their first inspection of the Finnish circuit and are happy with the current layout conditions.

FIM Safety Officer Franco Uncini is in charge of the track homologation, and believes the progress made so far will meet the required safety expectations.

Dorna Race Direction representative Loris Capirossi and Dorna Sporting Senior Director Carlos Ezpeleta were also pleased with the current state of affairs: “The progress we saw was amazing and we believe the track will be ready for the test on the 19th to 20th of August.” said Ezpeleta. 

“The layout of the track is great and we hope it will lead to exciting racing, everything seems to be happening on schedule and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the first MotoGP™ bikes on track at the KymiRing soon.”

The inspection took place on Monday 1st July 2019, and was held to assess safety conditions, circuit development and construction work, which are all currently on schedule for the inaugural two-day test.

The visit was another opportunity for organisers to decide on the smaller details of the track, such as locations and lengths of the FIM regulated kerbs, services for the test such as flag tests, along with track and medical marshals involvement.

“We got great feedback from the safety professionals and we are continuing to build KymiRing Circuit as one of the greatest circuits of the world.” said Tapio Nevala, President of Finnish Motorcycle Federation. 

During the inspection, there were minor circuit modifications agreed upon, while more will be discussed and addressed if needed after the first test before the circuits expected introduction onto the 2020 calendar. 

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