2019 Silverstone Classic: Rocking ‘n’ Racing

by Mike Widdowson

The Silverstone Classic has grown and flourished in the 15 years since it’s creation. There’s many classic events around the world which celebrate and pay homage to the years of motorsport that seem a long lost distant memory to most of us if not before our time even. Silverstone Classic is one of these many events but it is one of the many that has really began to stand out and take it’s place in the spotlight every year in July.

Not many historic or classic events can have the kind of draw that this one does. With over 100,000 fans in attendance and over 1,000 race entries over the weekend of racing and demonstrations this makes up right up there with others like the Le Mans Classic and the Monaco classic both only are held every 2 years where as this event still rocks up every July and holds a huge party to celebrate the motor industry.

The Silverstone classic held celebrations for various eras in motorsport as well as anniversaries of moments or creations of historic Marques over the years but right up at the top were the 6o years of the Mini as well as the 100 years of Bentley especially with the first UK racing seen for the Bentley Speed 8 LMP from 2003.

Here’s a gallery to show the weekend’s atmosphere and track action from around the circuit.

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