Audi Sport win appeal to have Vila Real points reinstated

by James Bowers

Audi Sport customer teams, Comtoyou Racing and Team WRT, have been reinstated into the official results of the World Touring Car Cup races that were held in Vila Real earlier this year.

The cars of Frederic Vervisch and Jean-Karl Vernay had initially been excluded after they were found to be running with too much boost. However, a successful appeal to the FIA has seen the two competitors put back into the official result.

Audi’s argument was based upon the suggestion that their road-going stock ECU, which is used in their TCR race cars, is not designed to control boost pressures during situations that arise during competition.

While it couldn’t be disputed that the cars had indeed exceeded boost regulations, the FIA have come to the conclusion that exclusion from the results is in fact too harsh a penalty to award. In light of Audi’s appeal, motorsport’s governing body has instead decided to award suspended fines to both teams involved.

With the cars’ results reinstated, this also means that their drivers’ points tallies from the weekend are reinstated too. For Vervisch, this has little impact as he failed to score, but on the other hand, Vernay’s reinstated points push him back into tenth place in the championship standings.

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