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F1 Rules and Regulation updates for the 2020 Formula 1 Season explained

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Formula 1 has announced the new rules and regulations for the upcoming, FIA 2020 Formula 1 Championship Season.

Physical Chequered Flag

The first change sees a revision in the rules that saw the electronic chequered flag being used to end races. Tn 2019 there was a number of technical glitches, notably at the Japanese Grand Prix, where the electronic panel showed the chequered flag a lap too early. So for 2020, it will rely on just a physical chequered flag, which is waved at the end of each race.

Testing restrictions

Testing will also see a change, where there will be less testing for the 2020 season, as the mid-season test, which usually takes place after the Hungarian Grand Prix, before the summer break, at the Hungaroring Circuit, will be scrapped.

Testing will remain before the start of the season and will commence 19-21 February, then the second test between 26-28 February. The first tests will remain at the Spanish Grand Prix Circuit – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Post-Season Test at the Yas Marina Circuit will also remain meaning testing is cut from eight days to six.

In testing, the teams are now no longer allowed to have a screen up in the garage. The screens are typically used to keep parts of the cars away from other teams. But for Pre-season testing, these screen during, live track times which is 9:00-18:00, will not be allowed.

Race weekend curfews

There will be an addition of a longer curfew for the mechanics of each team. Originally this was at a total of eight hours, where the mechanics could not work on their cars. This will change in 2020 and will move up to a nine-hour curfew for the mechanics.

Shark fins stay

In 2020 the “shark fin” will be on all cars and will be a small plate on top of the engine covers. According to F1, this shark fin will have little aerodynamic impact.

Relaxed penalties for jump-starts and weighbridge infractions

A change will come to the penalties for jump-starts and missing of the weighbridge. The rules regarding the penalties, given by the stewards during weekends, for missing the weighbridge or having a jump start in the race will be relaxed. This is so, stewards can give the penalties out in a much more discreet manner.

Changes to the front wing

Credit: Octane Photos

Restrictions on metal in the front wing will be added to the rule book for 2020. This is partly due, to cars getting punctures from fragments of front wings on the track after collisions.

There will be a limit, that the first 50mm of front wing endplates have to be made from carbon fibre. All metal elements on the car are only allow to be 30mm back from the leading edge of the endplate.

Brake ducts ‘listed’

There is a new ‘listed part’ within F1 for the season. Brake Ducts, are now listed parts, meaning they have to be made by the team themselves, and cannot be bought from another team or company.

MORE POWER! (on the start)

The season will allow for drivers to be given more control on their starts in the race. This season 90% of the engine’s torque will be controlled by the driver directly, with commands on their clutch paddles. They will also have a stalling prevention system in their cars.

MGU-K limit increased

The MGU-K will have an increased limit during the season. Each driver per season can now use a total of three, during the season instead of two, like previous seasons. This now brings the MGU-K to the same limit as the Internal Combustion Engine and the Turbo Charger. This is expected to reduce grid penalties for the season.

Fuel flow limiting

Finally, there will be a technical regulation change with fuel, as less fuel is allowed to run around the outside of the car. This stands at now 250 ml instead of two litres which it has been in previous seasons. This is being done to take teams away from thinking there is any advantage to running fuel around the survival cell.

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