Grosjean hopes F1 will always be complicated

by Ellie Jane

Haas F1 Team driver Romain Grosjean has expressed he wants Formula 1 to stay as fun and complicated as it is now.

He explained to that he does not think the change in formula 1’s regulations, which will come in to place for the 2021 FIA Formula 1 Championship season, are enough because F1 will always be a hard place to battle within.

“It’s the pinnacle of motorsport. Whenever you want to get to the top of whatever you do, it’s always going to be complicated. On top of tennis, or any sport or business, it’s complicated,” said Grosjean.

The Frenchmen, commented on how complicated it can be talking about the car, he also talked of how hard it can be to be involved in F1, with the pace and speed of the cars which are seen.

I guess if we do it, it is because we love it and we have people that are willing to do it behind us. It must stay complicated, it’s just the way it is. It’s the most complicated car on the planet and it’s the fastest on the planet. Sometimes, yes it goes too far but that’s also the beauty of it. The development of driving the future of what we will see in cars.”

Grosjean, explained about questions regarding F1 at the moment as he made his view on it clear, commenting that the fight between midfield teams will be tense.

Is Formula 1 perfect at the minute? No. Is the midfield great? Yes. Can we learn from it? I think so. Is [the 2021 regulations] enough? The midfield teams say no, the top teams say yes. It just is always going to be a war between the big and the small.”

He did add, that he felt Liberty Media, were trying to help F1 and that he think they have good ideas for the future.

But I think Liberty are trying and I have got good hopes that we are going to have some good fun in the future.

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