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It wasn’t the start to the 2020 season Sam Lowes was hoping for, but the Marc VDS rider is making good use of his time in lockdown.

In an interview released by his team, the British rider takes a rational, pragmatic view towards the pandemic gripping our globe, “The situation we’re going through on a global level is very complicated. We must be aware of it, listen to those who know about it and unite to overcome the difficult times we are going through.”

Lowes went on to discuss his day-to-day life at home with his family, “I get up early because my shoulder doesn’t let me sleep much at all. My daughter (Kathryn) also wakes up early, so we play right away and have breakfast. Then I usually do stretching and recovery exercises for my shoulder.

In England, we can go running once a day and I take the opportunity to do that. In the middle of the day we eat and relax a bit by watching TV. In the afternoon, I play with Kathryn in the garden where I also try to practice some golf! To finish the day I do some more exercises, especially to recover from my shoulder, have dinner and go to bed!

Marc VDS Twitter Page

Most notably, Lowes discussed the nasty shoulder injury he suffered during a private test in Jerez which saw him dislocate his shoulder and rupture the tendons.

The truth is, it’s all been strange both in pre-season and the season opener. The injury altered all the plans.’ He explains; ‘I worked very hard to be able to get back on the bike in Qatar and I am partly happy because I made it.

On Friday, I could ride and do more than 20 laps with a constant progression. I was excited with progress, but the pain in my shoulder and the good sense of the team made me realise that it wasn’t worth risking aggravating the injury in case of a fall.

I won’t deny that I was angry and that I didn’t like watching the first race from the garage, but seen in perspective, we made the best decision.

When asked about his recovery, Lowes said, “It’s not perfect, but it’s getting better. Every day I feel stronger and I’m getting more mobile. It still bothers me at night and it’s hard for me to sleep well, butthe improvement is great. I needed some extra time to get it ready. I don’t like having it because of a situation like this, but I’m taking advantage of it and optimising it as much as I can to recover 100%.”

Lockdown isn’t all dark clouds for Lowes though, there is a silver lining for him as the extra time at home means he has more time to send with his fiancée and his daughter, but it also gives him a rare opportunity to have some ‘downtime’ by playing with his daughter in the garden, practising his golf skills and even discovering he is ‘the best’ at making his fiancée’s morning coffee but he does have his sights set on other things “I haven’t dared to go into the kitchen much yet, but it will be the next territory to be conquered! Let the kitchen tremble!’

Teams such as Marc VDS nervously wait to find out when the season will relaunch but with no sign of the worldwide lockdown lifting anytime soon, the calendar is still very much a mystery.

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