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Codemasters’ Mather Reveals More Info About F1 2020 Game

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Render of the Aston Martin Red Bull car for 2020. Credit: Codemasters

As the launch of F1 2020 comes closer and closer, Codemasters continues to amp up the excitement by releasing new information about the game. In an interview with Red Bull, game director at Codemasters Lee Mather revealed more information about the game.

When asked about the new features for MyTeam, Mather was able to reveal much more about the experience of both being the driver and manager of your own team.

“As the team boss, you’re no longer the commodity in the driver market, and it’s your team-mate and all of the other drivers in both Formula 1 and Formula 2,” Mather told Red Bull.

“Another primary consideration will be funding and expenditure. Picking the right sponsors and knowing where to invest will be crucial.

You might want a high-profile driver, and have the cash to hire them, but they won’t stick around if you can’t provide the level of facilities they expect of a championship-winning team.” 

The addition of the Formula 2 grid to this driver market is an exciting prospect, and having a wide pool of drivers to select from may also make for some intriguing driver transfers for the AI. Having to manage sponsorships, R&D, and your driver lineup will add a whole new experience as players vie for a World Championship.

Mather also touched on the return of split-screen multiplayer, and is excited to bring F1 action to a casual audience as well.

“Formula 1 appeals to all ages and levels of gamer, and they all have a love of the sport.” Mather noted. “Split-screen allows people to have a shared experience, something fun and social. We cater to the competitive end of the scale with our online and esports events, but also want people to be able to enjoy some side-by-side fun playing the sport they love.”

“We also wanted to time its inclusion along with some of the new accessibility options we’ve added to the game this year, such as the steering assist, automatic reset to track and simplified off-track surfaces. Combining those along with split-screen allow players of all skill levels to race together and have fun.”

F1 2020, along with the Seventy Edition and Michael Schumacher Deluxe Editions, will be released on 10 July 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. 

You can read the full interview with Mather here.

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