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Imola ready to race without audience if F1 wants it

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Credit: Autodromo di Imola

The Imola circuit would be ready for a Formula 1 race if the situation in Italy improves and if the FIA, in conjunction with Liberty Media, gives the go-ahead for this Grand Prix to take place.

Uberto Selvatico Estense, president of the Imola circuit, says that they are willing to hold a Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend this season if the current crisis impacting the country due to the coronavirus improves, and they’re open to negotiations for a race without the presence of the public during the event.

In Italy, for the Imola circuit, they had already commented on their clear intentions to be able to organize a race for this season, to take the place following the postponement of the Chinese Grand Prix, which was the first of the 2020 season to be suspended.

Formula 1, which at this time is having to look for other possible venues to celebrate races and without fans in the stands, a logical way that seeks to be able to carry out the start of this season, an idea that has been caused by the pandemic, and in this situation, the managers of Imola, have again made known their interests and their willingness to carry out such an event.

Imola has already contacted the president of the Automobile Club Italy, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, to talk about this proposal, but the world crisis of the coronavirus makes it a little impossible since Italy is one of the countries that has been most affected by COVID-19. Speaking to, he said, “This situation is an opportunity for us to be candidates for a Grand Prix this season.”

“Obviously it depends also on the government rules if they will allow us to run such a race. Of course, we’ll offer the track for free, and then talk about costs on our side if possible. We can ask the region for some help. We’re not in the situation where we can pay a promoter’s fee.”

“Maybe it could be easier to organize a back-to-back race with Monza, in order to save money or save time for the teams. But last year we even had nice weather in October, and also the first half of November. So we’re not scared about the weather.”

The president of the Imola circuit has shown again the interest and have made clear that they are willing to do the race behind closed doors, that maybe for other circuits it would not be the most convenient and maybe this situation that the Formula 1 needs to carry out the races without public this gives them a greater possibility, besides they have made clear that they are available to any date they require.

Now everything will depend more on how much the crisis in Italy can improve and then there would be the part of sitting down at the table and starting negotiations with the FIA and Liberty Media.

“It’s much easier without spectators, we don’t have to take care of the grandstands, we don’t have to take care of things like VIP hospitality and so on. For sure it will be cheaper than a complete organization. People are already thinking about running football games with closed doors. I think people would like to go back to Imola. It’s a dream for us, but we’re still dreaming.”

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