DVD: The First World Superbike Meeting Donington Park 1988

by Vince Pettit

First of all, let me set the scene for this DVD, it's a rainy April day in the Midlands of England, a selection of the top names of the motorcycle world have signed up for a brand new series billed as a great alternative to the 500cc Grand Prix Championship.

Former 500cc World Champion Marco Lucchinelli, Isle of Man TT legend Joey Dunlop, 250cc Grand Prix racer Davide Tardozzi and many more, including Roger Burnett, Fred Merkel, Roger Marshall, Stephane Mertens and Bubba Shobert all play their part in these great races around the 1.96-mile Donington Park circuit.

With costs in the 500cc championship rising, the World Superbike Championship was born out of a vision of cost-effective, world class racing, with a showcase of production-based machines

If you are a fan of World Superbikes now, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is the lack of safety features around the track, such as armco barriers and catch fences, this is 1988 afterall and all that is between the concrete walls surrounding the track and the rider is a gravel trap and a hay bale.

Over the course of the 52 minute running time, you will be thrilled by the action as you travel onboard with Burnett as he crashes out in race one and battles on in the second race, great dices between the two Itallians Tardozzi and Lucchinelli as they go head-to-head resulting in Tardozzi crashing out on the last lap.

As a quote on the DVD case says “Witness history in the making as the World Superbike Championship is born.”

Running time: 52 Minutes
Available from: Duke Video | Amazon

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