Green Shakes Down G50

Rachel Green, who for 2010 will be racing a Ginetta G50 in the Michelin Ginetta G50 Championship for Team GCR, has given her new car a shakedown test at Snetterton.

The team, who had only picked the car up 10 days before from the Ginetta base in Leeds, had worked tirelessly to prep the car, to ensure that nothing would go wrong for Rachel when she was out on track, building up her confidence and getting a fuller understanding of how the car behaves before the season starts.

With snow predicted for when she was there, Rachel was delighted when it was a sunny day, and with the open pit lane at Snetterton, and with barely a dozen cars at the track, it was the perfect scenario for Green. After starting slowly, on a damp but drying track, Rachel was soon all smiles. After a few laps, the track was dry and Rachel was then able to switch to slicks.

With the small amount of cars at the track, Rachel was able to put in the mileage ahead of the start of the season, at Thruxton on the 3rd and 4th April. By the end of the day, Rachel was lapping some 12 seconds faster than she did at the start of the day, and her times were comparable to the times being set during last year's G50 races, so she should be challenging near the front of the field this season.