Sandström Takes Victory After Larsson Penalised

Edward Sandström took victory at Knutstorp after race winner Fredrik Larsson was handed a nine second penalty for an incident with Robin Rudholm.

With Rudholm on pole after 0.057s covered the top three drivers, he took the early advantage with Larsson charging hard behind him. As the laps counted down Larsson caught his man and with eleven laps to go was looking to find a way past. Four laps later he would make his move, forcing Rudholm off in to the gravel. ”I had an opening and made a late maneuver. I had a gap that disappeared in the corner, it was a bit hard stopping the maneuver then,” said Larsson.

Rudholm would eventually recover to take fourth on track, but he wasn’t amused by Larsson’s maneuver. ”I'm not happy. I closed the door and was on the inside, defending, but Larsson must have been on the inside of that. I was lucky getting back up and I have to reload for tomorrow,” he said.

Sandström and Oliver Palm would make up the podium as the chequered flag dropped, only to be promoted to first and second, with Rudholm securing the final step after Larsson was penailsed.

”Larsson took a line where we judged it not to be a line available on the track between Rudholm and the corner markings in corner one,” said race director Börje Blomén.

Blomén addmited that they could of given Larsson a harsher penalty but after watching on board footage settled on the nine second penalty.

”This is a milder penalty that we were able to take much thanks to the mandatory on board cameras. We have got a clear picture of the incident and were able to make a correct decision,” said Blomén.

Revised top ten results:

1 Edward Sandström 19 laps
2 Oscar Palm +0.264
3 Robin Rudholm +1.208
4 Fredrik Larsson +1.925
5 Linus Ohlsson +3.547
6 Martin Öhlin +3.828
7 Mattias Stålknapp +13.405
8 Roar Lindland +21.222
9 Jan West +23.923
10 Patrik Skoog +26.226

Photo credit: Porsche Carrera Cup Scandanavia