F1 2010 Game To Feature Realistic Weather Conditions

The new F1 2010 game which is due for release later this year is set to feature one of the most advanced weather system seen in any driving game.

In the latest developer diary from publishers codemasters the development team (which includes Anthony Davidson) revealed details of how the weather will effect gamers throughout the races.

Talking about how important the weather plays in the game Anthony Davidson revealed “The teams know by the radar where the weather is coming from and how long it's going to last. You'll be aware of what the weather's doing roughly, and then you can make your call, just like you would in real life.”

“Players can be going along outside the points, and maybe they make a gamble. The clouds come in, the skies darken. Maybe you pre-empt that the rain's going to come now and you change your tyres early. Player choice is going to be critical at those stages,” added Senior Producer Paul Jeal.