Early Accident Cancels Out Robertson Racing’s “Superb Progress”

Lime Rock saw a typically battling American Le Mans Series (ALMS) showing from Robertson Racing, fighting through the weather in qualifying and then recovering from an on-track incident in the race.

Fighting against the might of works assisted efforts from Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Jaguar and Corvette the David Murry has qualified the team's Doran designed Ford GT in the tenth in the GT class.

Then an early full course caution period offered the privateer team a chance to use pit strategy against their well-funded rivals. Opting not to pit Murry took the car up to second for the restart. However it was soon after the green flag flew again that, while passing through the slower class GT Challenge cars, Murry tried to pass on the inside, only to find the door closed on him, sending the Ford into a spin with damaged rear suspension.

Murry limped the car back to pit for the team to effect lengthy repairs – taking 40 minutes before returning to the track – both Murry and teammate Andrea Robertson completing solid stints around the 1.5 mile track.

“It's obviously disappointing because we're confident a finish in the top five or six was possible. We had some problems in the wet during qualifying, but our race pace was really good and David had made superb progress before the incident,” said Team Manager Andrew 'H' Smith. “The boys did a really good job to repair the suspension and I'm proud that once again we kept going and refused to give in. Our pace was competitive again after we came back out, which was encouraging when we still had some bodywork damage.”

“We'll now head straight back to Atlanta where we'll have four or five days in the workshop to repair the car and prepare it for the next race and then it will be off to Mid-Ohio for the next round in two weeks' time.”