Schultz Triumphs In Moto X Super X Adaptive Final

by Vince Pettit

Mike Schultz triumphed in the Moto X Super X Adaptive Final last night on the opening day of X Games 16.

Schultz completed an amazing comeback following an accident at the Winter X Games 2008 which saw him lose his leg just above the knee.

“It feels great to come back and compete after my injury at Winter X Games one and a half years ago and showcase an exciting track like this one at the Coliseum,” Schultz said.

Todd Thompson followed Schultz home to Silver after missing out by just 1.555s.

Schultz, who took Silver in 2009, narrowly took the win following problems with his prosthesis during the race.

“I wasn’t able to stand up on my prosthetic side so I lost a few places, but we pulled it off and ended up in the lead so it’s good,” Schultz said.

Beau Meier lead the best of the rest home taking Bronze.

Final results from the Moto X Freestyle final

Pos Name Score
1 Mike Schultz 5:56.564
2 Todd Thompson 5:58.119
3 Beau Meier 6:05.787
4 Jason Woods 6:06.097
5 Jim Wazny 6:30.019
6 Samuel Erasmus 6:58.554
7 Jesse Gildea 7:04.431
8 Shane Shipley 8:40.184
9 Ricky James 8:54.293
10 Nick Pappas 8:55.502
11 Dave Turner 9:55.004
12 Ranel Cox 11:10.209

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