60 Seconds With… Zoé Wenham

What are you racing at the moment?
I’m racing in the Volkswagen Cup this year.

How old are you?
I’m 16 and the youngest ever competitor in the championship.

Photo credit: Marc Waller

How long have you been racing?
I’ve been racing karts since I was 9 (so 7 years) and cars since the age of 14.

What was your first race?
My first kart race was in a Honda Cadet at Llandow Kart Club. & My first car race was in the Saxmax Championship at Pembrey, South Wales.

What is your best racing memory?
My best racng memory has to be either my first place at Rye House when I received the biggest cheer ever when I was awarded my trophy or when I qualified 3rd at Oulton Park in Saxmax as it was so close at the top.

How has your 2010 season been so far?
My 2010 season hasn’t been great, my Polo that was built is not right at the moment and so I’ve been really far off the pace. To prove to myself and others that I can actually be a good driver on the 28th August I raced a Golf instead and on the test day I was 5th quickest. Unfortunately from then on it went down hill but I did regain a lot of my confidence.

What are your plans for 2011?
For 2011 I will continue in the VW Cup and hopefully gain some podiums, wins and ultimately the championship. This all depends on the performance of the Polo between now and then and any financial backing I can get to help me.

Photo credit (top): Chris Gurton Photography