Hamilton Joy At First 24 Hour Finish

by Michael Trusler

Archie Hamilton was overjoyed to finish in the Britcar 24 Hour, as he looks to have taken a big step towards his goal winning the Le Mans 24 hours.

Hamilton's team, Welch Motorsport, ran a SEAT Leon Supercopa which finished 6th in class and 10th overall.

In changeable conditions Hamilton, and team mates Mark Pilatti, Luke Wright and Richard Kent had to have their wits about them, but Hamilton prised a 'fantastic experience'.

“I've had an amazing time. It's been a fantastic experience and to be part of a team that completes 24 hours is a real achievement. The car was great and I had confidence with it in the rain, although the conditions at times were pretty bad” Said the delighted Hamilton.

The car qualified 19th in the 60 car line up and 10th in its class of 26, which included production cars such as Aston Martins, Ginettas, Lotus' and Porsches.

In his first 24 Hour race Hamilton was delighted with his efforts.

“The longer stints weren't a problem at all, even though I'd only ever done 40 minutes in a car before. The adrenalin keeps you going and you're so focussed on the track, the car and everyone else out there that the time flies by.

“Welch Motorsport were great and I've really enjoyed driving as part of a team which bodes well for my future hopefully!” he concluded.

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