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Gran Turismo 5 Finally Hits The Shelves

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The long awaited fifth instalment of the immensely popular game Gran Turismo is set for release, after Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Polyphonic Digital Inc confirmed the arrival of one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Gran Turismo 5, which is exclusive to Playstation 3, will roar into stores on the 24th of November, as the world's best-selling driving simulator is back, seemingly bigger and better than before.

President of Polyphonic Digital Inc. and creator of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi, is confident that the more in depth game will raise the bar in terms of design quality and physics technology.

“Gran Turismo 5 represents the latest milestone in a journey which has spanned a decade,” Mr. Yamauchi said, “The vision and the experience is such that it has attracted the attention of the whole motoring world. The result is a testing ground, a play ground and a showcase for motoring, built around the sport of racing. Today we blend reality with the virtual: from the painstaking re-creation of existing cars to the redefinition, in Red Bull X1, of the future of motorsports.”

The newest in the long line of racing simulation game features more than 1,000 fully licensed cars from the worlds best known and top manufactures. As well as this the game also boasts a huge rang of both old and new car models, everyday road cars and pure racing and supercars, recreated in breathtaking detail.

The line-up includes cars such as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Ferrari 458 Italia, the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce, GTbyCitroen, McLaren MP4 12C and Nissan GT-R, the only dilemma will be which one to power up first. Unless you prefer to try the VW Samba bus for a novel change.

In addition to the vast variety of vehicles from motoring past and present, Gran Turismo 5 also includes a fictional and futuristic car, the Red Bull X1. The X1 marks a unique partnership between Kazunori Yamauchi and Red Bull Racing's design legend Adrian Newey. Their challenge was to build the ultimate racing car without the constraint of rules and regulations. The result was the conception of the “Red Bull X1 Prototype”. Red Bull Racing even drafted in Formula 1 World Champion driver Sebastian Vettel to perform the virtual shakedown test and give feedback on settings for this Gran Turismo 5 car. A full scale model of the car will be unveiled at the Gran Turismo 5 celebratory launch event in Madrid tomorrow.

As well as an impressive selection of cars, the game also includes 26 racing locations with more than 70 layout variations, which includes such legendary circuits such as Nürburgring and the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, all rendered in high definition.

As well as this, Gran Turismo 5 delivers Course Maker, giving you the power to generate your own bespoke circuits so that you can push yourself to the limit, or just choose your favourite location and enjoy the driving experience.

Like the pervious games in the series, Gran Turismo 5 also gives the race the opportunity to test their skill online against the rest of the world on the PlayStation Network.

Gran Turismo 5 introduces a vast variety of new technologies, but the most impressive are the visual effects. This is perfectly illustrated through the “transition of time” that transforms gameplay from a clear afternoon with the sun high in the sky, through dusk when the sun hangs low and the sky turns red, to the enveloping darkness of the night. The effects at night have a particular glamour as the scenery ahead is illuminated by your headlights and the dirt kicked up in your wake glows under the tail lights. These natural, every-day scenes are what bring the game that much closer to reality. Gran Turismo 5 also introduces all new damage modelling, and with a premium selection of almost 200 models in the game meticulously recreated both inside and out, each dent and scratch will be a painful experience.
The era of 3D has arrived and adds to the excitement and sensations of Gran Turismo 5. Using 3D-compatible televisions with 3D glasses, you can experience an ultra-realistic impression never seen before. The other major feature is a unique face tracking function using the PlayStation®Eye camera for PlayStation 3. By using facial recognition with the PlayStation Eye, you can move your face to the left and right to move your field of vision whilst driving at exhilarating high speeds.

Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, added “Gran Turismo is more than just our most successful franchise, it is a showcase for gaming and for the pure excitement and fun available on PlayStation 3 and through the PlayStation Network.  If you have ever dreamed of that special car, and wondered what it would be like to get behind the wheel, then GT5 is the title for you.”

Gran Turismo 5 is Available in three different editions; Standard Edition priced at £49.99, Collector's Edition at £59.99 and Signature Edition at £149.99.

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