BMW Begin Fight Back At 10 Hour Mark

BMW Motorsport began their comeback in the tenth hour of the race after a solid start was hindered with a number of problems.

The two BMW M3 GT #56 car was second in is GTE Pro class in the hands of Andy Priaulx until an engine misfire forced the squad to change the engine ECU as well as an ignition coil. After these changed Dirk Muller rejoined in tenth after a pit stop over eight minutes long.

The #55 BMW has also suffered problems and after a puncture in the early part of the race Dirk Werner managed to drag the BMW from 11th to 7th position over the course of his stint before Farfus took over. Jorg Muller will be back in the car after the Brazilian has finished his stint.

“The first stint was pretty flawless for me and I was able to do good times,” said Dirk Werner (#55).

“The car was working fine and I kept my tyres for a double stint. I then struggled a little bit because I had some problems to see as the windscreen was very dirty. I think a car had put oil on it or something like that so it was very difficult for me to have a good vision. Then there was a big crash and I just hope Mike Rockenfeller is ok.”

“It was a rough one. First of all we had the issue when Andy had a misfire in the car. He had to bring the car into the garage and the boys did an awesome job. They worked out what it was, changed the right parts and sent me back out. I did a nice stint and was getting used to the sunset was quite difficult to begin with. Unluckily we had the massive incident with Mike Rockenfeller. I really hope he is okay as he is a very good friend of mine. Apart from that it has been a long, long yellow.” Said Dirk Muller (#56)