CRS Racing Retire From Le Mans After Valiant Effort

CRS Racing's 24 Hours of Le Mans came to an end in the seventh hour of racing, retiring after their GTEAm class Ferrari F430 was damaged in an accident.

“We were just starting to really get into the rhythm of the race,” said driver Shaun Lynn. “The times were good and the car felt good. I went into the Ford Chicane fast but no faster than normal and the car just turned around.”

The car span around under Lynn – “like a duck on ice” according to the driver – backing the right rear corner of the car hard into the tyre wall causing substantial damage. With the accident at the final corner of the lap at the Ford Chicane the team rushed out to help Lynn, shouting instruction to him to help him restart the car.

However, after a lot of effort by the team and discussions with the race stewards the team took the decision to officially retire the car from the 29th 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Their effort did not go unappreciated, as the team left their stricken car a grandstand of fans gave the British crew a standing ovation.

Before the crash all three drivers – Pierre Ehret and Roger Wills the other wheelmen – had completed successful and relatively trouble free stint, although Ehret complained of a vibration during his stint, following starting driver Lynn into the car.

“This was my first Le Mans and it was an incredible experience,” continued Shaun. “The team has worked so hard this week and we haven't made it easy for them. It has been amazing and I will definitely be back to do it all again.”