Rockenfeller Unscathed in Second High-speed Accident for Audi

Mike Rockenfeller has walked away from a high speed crash which saw his Audi collide head-on with the barriers after clipping another car.

With the earlier accident of team-mate Allan McNish still fresh in everyones memory it was another Ferrari-Audi incident that would see Rockenfeller make his exit from the 24 hour race.

The Audi driver was trying to pass the GTE Ferrari driven by Rob Kauffman through the high-speed Mulsanne kink when the Audi snapped to the left, the resulting accident would unfold as the R18 shot across the track and in to the barriers before the wreckage bounced back to the other side.

Talking after the accident Dr Wolfgang Ullrich said “We don’t know exactly what really happened, the only information we have is that Rockenfeller left the car himself.”

Since then it has emmerged that Rockefeller suffered no injuries other than a small flesh wound on his right arm.

Team-mate McNish has paid tribute to the design of the Audi R18 for standing up to the spectacular accident in the opening hour.“I have got to say a big thank you to the designers of Audi because they have produced a car that can have an impact that is enormous and then the driver pops the door and gets out perfectly well.” said McNish.