Disapointment For De Puniet

Pramac Ducati‘s sole entry for the Italian Grand Prix, Randy De Puniet endured another lacklustre race, which saw hin cross the line in 14th position.

The Frenchman suffered at the hands of a poor setup choice and grip levels. Under braking his GP11 was extremely unstable, and at the end of the race, his rear tyre was destroyed.

“I think there is little to say today.” said De Puniet.

“Yet another bad race, although this time I managed to cross the finish line. I found several problems, especially when cornering and braking. I couldn’t go fast because when I tried to accelerate, I lost the front. I could go faster than the group that I had ahead of me, but I wasn’t able to pass anyone.” he continued.

“The rear tire is virtually destroyed. I’m disappointed, and I need to get some positive results this season.”