Fauzy And Kral Have Positions Switched

Stewards have decided to switch the finishing positions of Josef Kral and Fairuz Fauzy from today's GP2 feature race, thus also swapping the order of the front row starters for the sprint race.

During the lengthy safety car period Kral was passed by Fauzy. Race control then ordered that Fauzy hand the position back, which the Super Nova driver did. Arden driver Kral finished seventh, with Fauzy taking the final point in eighth place and with it pole position for the sprint race. He did so having been passed by Johnny Cecotto on the final lap, only for the Venezuelan to slow to a crawl out of the final corner.

After hearing from both parties after the race the stewards found that Kral had slowed down to such a degree that it was reasonable for Fauzy to assume that the Czech driver had a problem and that he was entitled to pass.

With the two drivers having finished behind one another in the race, the stewards opted to reverse the results, with Fauzy taking seventh and Kral eighth. Kral will therefore get to start the sprint race from pole position, courtesy of the reverse grid.