Hamilton and Lupton Win Newcomer Races At MGP Festival

by Louis Suddaby

Wayne Hamilton and Gavin Lupton won the two Newcomer races at the Manx Grand Prix Festival on Saturday with similarly dominant rides.

Conditions were perfect for the first day of racing and Hamilton capitalised with a superb start in the Group A race, pulling out an eight second lead by the time he had made it to Glen Helen. David Kennington was the fastest man in qualifying but he had fallen behind Jonathan Woodward.

Despite a problem pulling away from his pitstop. Hamilton maintained his lead, owed partly to the retirement of Woodward at Governor's Dip. The second-placed man was reported to have crashed but was later discharged from hospital but Paul Wardell sustained a possible Collar Bone injury following an incident at Cruickshanks. William Davison emerged in second once the pit stops were completed and comfortably held off Kennington in the remainder of the race.

In the Newcomers B race, Wayne Axon established an early lead over Lupton and American rider Travis McNerney, but that advantage quickly evaporated with the 20 seconds to 13 despite the Honda man making a stop.

Once the leader had made his stop the race was Lupton's for the taking, and take it he did. Scott Smyth took over second from Axon who claimed the final place on the podium while Anthony Porter set the fastest lap on his way to fourth.

Racing resumes on Monday with the Motorsport Merchandise 350/25cc Classic GP Race scheduled for 10.15 and the Manngo.im Junior MGP Race at 1.15pm.

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