Heavy Crash Halts Qualifying At The Manx Grand Prix

Tuesday evening's qualifying session at the 2011 Manx Grand Prix was brought to a halt after a nasty incident just after Milntown in the North of the Island.

The rider involved was Brian Purdey from Onchan, Isle of Man whose bike was believed to be on fire as a result of the crash. He was later taken by airmed to Nobles Hospital where he was reported to be in a stable condition.

The 350cc/250cc machines were the first to go out this evening with Suzuki pair Tom Jackson and Peter Wakefield leading the way. However the incident involving Purdey cut their session short along with the other Classics, Classic Superbike, Junior Post Classic, Lightweight and Newcomer machines that were out on the course at the time.

With an extended clear-up operation needed following the accident, and the natural light quickly diminishing, Clerk of the Course Phil Taubman took the decision just before 8pm to abandon running for the day.

Before the action was halted, Dean Harrison and Steve Oates were able to take out the four newcomers who hadn't completed a controlled lap of the mountain course on Monday. Stuart Osborne, Bobby McMullen, Tony Bakker and Walo Bertschinger were all required to complete a guided lap before their first experience of a closed-road qualifying lap. Osborne crashed on Monday evening but successfully completed his controlled lap but Bakker crashed on his speed controlled run, leaving his bike too damaged to continue.

The MGP meeting continues tomorrow with the Senior, Junior, SuperTwin and newcomers A classes in action at 6:20pm, with the Classic, Classic Superbike, Junior Post Classic, Lightweight and Newcomers B going out at 7:10pm.

  • Steve Osborne

    Incorrect report – Stuart Osborne did not stop on his controlled lap.  He completed a steady lap after crashing on Monday evening.  He will be out in his qualifying session this evening.  From where did you get this information?  Can you please correct this report?

  • Vince Pettit

    Info came from the Manx GP Press office…!

  • As Vince said, that was the information we were given but the changes have now been made. Apologies for the confusion.

  • Steve Osborne

    Yep – the press office messed up.  I’d anticipated this causing Stuart problems.  Trouble is even the scrutineers (technical inspectors) believed it to be the case.  It was on the internet so it had to be true.  Initially it looked like he would be let out for qualifying based on a press report.  Oh well.  thanks for correcting things.  steVe.

  • The report is incorrect.  I never completed a lap after crashing during the “speed controlled” lap – Bike was not repairable and I was not physically able.  Tony Bakker

  • Thanks for clearing that up Tony. The article has now been changed.