Silverstone Classic Sets E-Type World Record

For anyone who attended the three day festival last month's Silverstone Classic was an event to remember, and the world's biggest classic racing event now has some recognition after setting a Guinness World Record.

The news comes after confirmation that the parade of Jaguar E-Types on the Silverstone track has become the new marker for the 'largest parade of Jaguar cars'.

Over 1,000 of the famous British sportscar descended upon Silverstone for the event – part of the 500th anniversary of the car, and a vast majority – over 800 – took to the track during the Saturday of the event, though the official number in the record was revised down to only those cars that fitted a strict set of criteria.

The parade included cars with owners from right across Europe as well as North America, Australia and Mexico and some very notable examples from E-Type history were among them.

These included an example with the registration 9600 HP – the oldest surviving E-Type, being the original launch car as well as the machine that ran as the 150mph road test car. Another car – registration 848 CRY – was the twelfth roadster produced and raced extensively in 1961. It went on to appear in the 1969 film The Italian Job.

“The whole Silverstone Classic weekend set many new records, both on and off the track,” said event director Nick Wigley. “The icing on the cake is to have achieved a new Guinness World Record for the number of Jaguars on parade. It was an incredible sight to see so many examples of the beautiful and iconic E-type four abreast stretching all around the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.”

The celebration of the E-Type anniversary was just one part of this year's Silverstone classic. Over 1,000 race cars representing different eras and racing disciplines competed around the Grand Prix track, with some 7,000 classic cars on display around the venue, including Ferraris, Lamboghinis, Lancias, BMWs, Mercedes and Reliant sportscars thanks to the dedicated owners clubs that exist for the different marques.