2011 Britcar 24 Hours: Hour 13 Update

Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography
2011 Britcar 24 Hours (Photo Credit: Chris Gurton Photography)

Hour Thirteen at the Britcar 24 race effectively reduced the Class Two field from two to one after the No. 5 Porsche of ARC Bratislava spend most of the hour in the garage.

A clutch problem, which at the moment looks terminal, will mean that the No.27 Topcats Racing Marcos – which was running fourth at the end of the thirteenth hour – will be the only Class Two car left in the race.

The top three remained the same throughout the thirteenth hour with Phil Keen in the No.2 Ferrari  demonstrating how comfortable he was leading the race under darkness that he set the team's personal best time.

The Topcats racing Mosler remained second, but was still around five laps behind the lead Ferrari and was failing to make an impact on that gap. The No.1 Ferrari remained in third, and all of the top three had completed fifteen pit stops by the end of hour thirteen.

Again, the No. 4 Mosler was having a race to forget. Calum Lockie went off track at one point and the car needed a throttle-body change.

In Class Three, the No. 68 was forced to make a reasonably lengthy pit stop for new brakes pads. Pitting from seventh, the length of the stop was sufficient to allow the No.6 Aquila up into that position. As a surprise to some onlookers, the Aquila was still going strong. Cor Euser was called into the pits reporting oversteer by his No. 57 Marcos Racing team. They were unable to find any problems but the time wasted in the pit lane dropped the team behind new class leaders Nicholas Mee Racing, who were running the No. 49 car.

Down in Class Four, the No. 89 BMW of Brunswick Automotive was still leading and eleventh overall. Michael Cox switched into the No. 77 BMW M3, taking over from his brother. The team had been languishing in the second half of the standings during the first half of the race, but were now up into the top 20.

2011 Britcar 24 Hours class leaders after hour thirteen

Class One:
1 – No.2 Ferrari – McInerney/McInerney/Keen
2 – No.3 Mosler – Beaumont/Fletcher/Draper/Hetherington
3 – No.1 Ferrari – Gamski/Robinson/Gaw/Dryburgh

Class Two:
1 – No.27 Marcos – Upton/Huggins/Fletcher/Orton
2 – No.5 Porsche – Konopka/O'Donnell/Myszkowski/Lewandowski/Edwards

Class Three:
1 – No.49 Aston Martin – Le Blanc/Van Lanschot/De Zille/Nimkoff
2 – No.57 Lotus – Euser/Prewitt/Brody/Freebird/McKinnon
3 – No.68 BMW – Clarke/Gibson/Radcliffe/Hayes

Class Four:
1 – No.89 BMW – Griffiths/Green/Forsbrey/Kirkpatrick
2 – No.88 Honda – Smail/Meins/Lillingston-Price/Harding
3 – N0.84 Seat – Breukers/Thijssen/Jensiew