Mixed Emotions For Tech 3 In Australia Qualifying

Colin Edwards - Photo Credit: Tech 3
Colin Edwards - Photo Credit: Tech 3

Monster Yamaha Tech 3
had a mixed afternoon at Phillip Island with Colin Edwards much the happier of the two riders after qualifying. The American picked up where he left off on Friday to claim a spot on the third row in blustery conditions and felt that was as good as he could've done under the circumstances.

“I’m pretty happy to be have finished on the third row because conditions were pretty tough out there. The track is really bumpy but the issue today was the wind. It was really blowing hard in some places and it is just so unpredictable.  One lap you get a big gust hit you from the right, so you prepare for that next time round and you get slammed on the other side. If you could put the bike where you want every lap you could easily go half-a-second faster, but the wind just doesn’t allow you to do that.”

“The bike is working good and the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team is working fantastic as always for me, so I’m ready for a good race tomorrow. We’ve got to run the soft front and rear tyres for the race and my bike works pretty good with those options. I tried the hard tyres yesterday and couldn’t get them to work at all. I’ll have to take care at the start of the race to make sure we don’t abuse the tyre too much at the beginning but I’m looking forward to having some fun and getting a good result.”

By contrast, teammate Cal Crutchlow was hugely disappointed with 14th after complaining of an all-round lack of grip, the same issue he struggled with yesterday. The Briton was mystified at his failure to improve on new tyres at the end but hopes to make gains in the race.

“There is not much to say other than I am very disappointed because I expected to be competing for a place inside the top 10 here and it has been a struggle to find a good set-up with the bike. We spent a long time analysing the data last night because yesterday I didn’t have good front or rear grip and turning was also an issue. We made a lot of changes to the bike today and to be honest we didn’t find any improvement and I’ve got the same issues. The track is really bumpy and I can’t get the bike to absorb them smoothly and we just don’t have the grip we need to go faster.”

“We’ve tried a lot of things to make it better but for some reason nothing seems to be working. I went just as fast with a set of tyres that had 30 laps on them as I did with two brand new tyres, so we need to sit down again tonight and work through the data and see if there is something we can improve for the race.”