Byrne In High Spirits Despite Road Accident

Shane 'Shakey' Byrne - Photo Credit: Honda Racing
Shane 'Shakey' Byrne - Photo Credit: Honda Racing


Shane 'Shakey' Byrne had a miraculous escape after being involved in a multi-car accident on Monday before being hit head-on by a vehicle moments later. The Londoner was driving his Mercedes Vito when he was involved in the pile-up and when he climbed out of the damaged vehicle, he was struck head-on.

Byrne's injuries were somehow limited to a sore ankle and was his usual cheerful self when he broke the news on his Twitter page.

“Bad day… Was in a multi car pile up early am, survived that in the pitch black, got out of my van, then got knocked down by another car!! Wish I could say I was joking, fortunately wife and children ok, suspected broken ankle turned out to be ok #callmelucky. 70mph head on smash, knocked down by another car after the crash and a sore ankle… Somebody was looking out for me!!!”

Two days later, Byrne offered an update on his condition and again, seemed in good spirits despite his near-miss, tweeting “Just out of local hospital, my shoe got ripped off in the accident & 1 of the cut/grazes is pretty raw, toes look like small sausages ha ha.”

Despite the injury, Byrne has assured everyone that he will be fully fit for the start of the 2012 British Superbike Championship in April when he will compete with Rapid Solicitors Kawasaki.