Nasser Al Attiyah Admits 2012 Dakar Victory Chances Are Low

Nasser Al Attiyah
Nasser Al Attiyah

2011 Dakar winner Nasser Al Attiyah has admitted it is going to be a tall order to win the 2012 Dakar after a challenging day in the H3 Hummer.

Talking to the team he said:  “2 km from the finishing line on the special stage, we could smell something burning, because the fuel pump flexible had melted. Robby towed us to the finishing line and on the link stage we stopped with Lucas to repair it.”

Things were made harder after the assistance truck failed to arrive leaving Attiyah to take on the work himself. “We both spent two hours at work, because our assistance truck did not turn up. Afterwards, we had to stop every 100 km to put some more oil in.” he added

“Now I’m hoping that the mechanics will work well to solve this problem and especially to make sure there aren’t any more mishaps. As for victory, I’m not very confident any more, but I’ll have to keep on believing in my chances. Sometimes, that’s just what rally-raid driving is like”.