Live: 2012 Britcar 24 Hours Part 3

This live blog will updated during the 2012 Britcar 24 Hours, taking the race to its conclusion at 3:30pm.

15:38We are signing off for now. Thanks from James, Chris and Alex.

15:37We are all off to get home for some well-earned rest after an exciting 24 hours of racing.

15:36Thanks to you all for following our live feed here at @SilverstoneUK, we hoped you enjoyed it!

15:34Perfection Racing win Class 3 and the Red Camel/ finish 3rd and 4th overall and win Classes 3 and 4

15:33Dave West, Jamie Wall, Michael Brown and Paul Cripps win Class 1 and are 2nd overall for MB Racing

15:32MP Motorsport – Richard Abra, Mark Poole, Clint Bardwell and Michael Symons – win the 2012 Britcar 24 Hours!!!

15:04Less than half an hour left and MP Motorsport have a three lap lead to protect

14:45Right-rear corner on the Mosler causing problems (driveshaft this time) in the garage

14:32And now….the FINAL Hour!!!! #Britcar24

14:31Class 4: Red MP Motorsport leads by 4 laps.

14:30Just 1 hour left! Laps completed: 541. Standings: Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2 & Overall lead: MP M/Sport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Red

14:28Red Seat Leon now going into the garage, as well as the Neil Granger Mosler.

14:2717  No 17 Neil Garner Mosler  now in the pits for routine stop.

14:23No 59 Strata Porsche 996 in the pits for scheduled stop.

14:22GT Classics team manager now called to go to Race Control

14:21Nearing the final hour……..

14:20MB Racing Aston Martin now into the pits with LED light trailing behind.

14:16Team Manager for leading car for MP Motorsport has been called to Race Control.

14:12There has been no let up with the weather, as there is still standing water on the track. Lap times are at least 1/2 a min slower.

14:07Current overall standings with just under 90 mins left: 1. MP M/Sport. 2. MB Racing. 3. Perfection Racing.

14:05Leader now exiting the pit lane.

14:03MP Motorsport’s BMW E46 CSL now in the pit lane, currently leading by 4 laps.

13:23Nissan driver Gary Dunning say he was hit by the BMW while trying to keep out of the way at Brooklands

13:22Unseen to us, the left side of the Nissan is torn open like by a can-opener

13:21opps, front-right (I’m sorry, I’m tired). Mission M’Sports Nissan is in and doesn’t look to have too much damage

13:20Intersport, third in Class 3 pit with broken front-left suspension – at least

13:19Spin and crash – Intersport and Mission Motorsport come together at Brooklands

13:15MB Racing are in the pits with 2 hours, 14 minutes left in the race

13:04The Strata 21 Mosler leaves the pits, now down in sixth overall

12:57Uh-oh – the MB Racing Aston passes the Team Toyota GT86 under the yellows of the Jags off….

12:54The car off at Copse is the Jag – and it’s stuck there

12:52The weather now is rated Bring Your Own Soap

12:51A car has been off at Copse, no idea who. But it’s now raining really alot.

12:49It’s absolutely tipping it down and (in other news) the Mosler is a lap away from losing fourth to Red Camel

12:36and after just an out lap the Brunswick car returns to the pits – they have three laps in hand over Team Toyota in class

12:34Brunswick Automotive have returned to the race, still second in Class Four

12:33Class 4: Red Perfection Racing now third overall.

12:32Lap 500 with just three hours to go. Leaders: Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2 and Overall: MP Motorsport. Class 3: Perfection. Class 4: Red

12:27Currently in the pits with the bonnet up.

12:27Brunswick M3 now has a hose issue.

12:26Rain intensity is increasing as time goes on.

12:23This could play into the hands of the MB Racing Aston Martin, if the weather gets worse.

12:23Car 52 – Corum Sport Chevron issued 15 secs Stop Go Penalty  for short pit stop.

12:22The left rear wheel hub is now off the Mosler, with the majority of the suspension components still in place.

12:20A mechanic has chased the Piranha/Fauldsport Ginetta G40 up the pit lane to tighten one of the wheel nuts.

12:19We spoke to Intersport’s Mark Radcliffe earlier, who was hoping for it to rain about know. Looks like he got his wish!

12:17No 28 now exits the pit lane.

12:16No 28 in the pits and overshot the pit box. but now in position – FULL WETS going on!

12:14No 67 Rogue Motorsport MR2 now back out after going into the garage at 5.15am for engine change.

12:13Rain is now falling with all going into the pits for WET tyres.

12:12Rain is now failing at Stowe…..

11:56Wind has now changed direction and is going down the pitlane.

11:51The Mosler is now 17 laps behind the MP Motorsport M3 E46 CSL, who currently leads.

11:49The Mosler is still in the pits, as the angle grinder is put to further use on the remainder of the alloy wheel.

11:43MP Motorsport M3 now taking itsStop Go Penalty, and now exits pit lane.

11:40Stop Go penalty issued  for MP Motorsport’s BMW for speeding in the pit lane.

11:36Angle grinder is now cutting the Mosler’s alloy to pieces, cutting through the spokes.

11:35Lap count now at 480 – as the final four hours are in full swing.

11:334 hours left to go. Standings: Class 1: MB Racing. Class 2 and Overall: MP Motorsport. Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Red

11:31The engine cover is off the Mosler once again.

11:29Brunswick Automotive in with a left front puncture, currently in the Class 4 lead ahead of Red’s Seat.

11:27The Neil Garner Mosler is now 9 laps down on the leader due to this issue.

11:25And now the power tools are out, as a drill is being used on the wheel nut as we speak.

11:22The engine cover has gone back on the Mosler, as the team frantically works away on the left rear wheel nut.

11:20But it is not budging whatsoever, as it now slips to 6 laps behind the MP Motorsport BMW E46 M3 GTR, which currently leads on Lap 475.

11:19Neil Garner himself is even getting in on the action, using a hammer and chisel to chip away at the wheel nut.

11:18The Neil Garner Mosler is in the garage, as the team try to free the stuck left rear wheel nut.

11:00And now Brunswick have the class lead, there’s five laps between Red Camel and second in Class 4 now, but they go back out now

10:57Red Camel now a lap away from losing the Class Four lead to Brunswick Automotive

10:54The Red Camel squad report a suspected leak in the gearbox cooling system

10:53The lead is just 1:42, the Mosler clawing back ground to the MP Motorsport BMW

10:50The Red Camel/ is pushed back into the garage out of a three lap lead in Class Four

10:44But if you drop large chunks of bodywork on the circuit your wing is likely to break I suppose…

10:43The Chevron (theyve had an interesting race) is back in the pits with a very wonky rear wing….

10:42Second in Class Three, team manager of Intersport has been summoned to race control

10:40That’s not forgetting the Mosler still has the troublesome rear tyre to deal with

10:39The Molser is back on the lead lap, but still more than 2 minutes away from leaders MP Motorsport

10:34Correction – Class 3: Perfection Racing. Class 4: Red

10:33Class 4: Perfection Racin.g

10:325 hours to go. Standings: Class 1: Neil Garner M/Sport. Class 2 and overall: MP M/sport (453 laps), Class 3: Red Class 4: Perfection Racing.

10:25No 37 – Gt Classsics – has a 90 secs stop go penalty for a refuelling infringement.

10:23GT Classics team manager has been asked to go to Race Control.

10:19Left rear wheel nut is stuck on the Mosler, so may need to be cut off on next stop.

10:17Optimum Motorsport No 51 Ginetta G50 has a left rear puncture, limping back to the pits.

10:16Mosler No 17 now leaves the pits, with MP Motorsport ahead by a lap on Lap 447.

10:15Mosler seems to have trouble with the left rear wheel nut. Car is still in the pits.

10:14Car 69 BMW has a drive through penalty.

10:13Mosler is now in the pits.

10:12Back to Green! As racing is back underway.

10:09Brake pad change it seems for the MP M/Sport M3, hence the longer stop.

10:09Team LNT now out of the top ten, sitting in 11th place overall, but still 3rd in Class 1.

10:08MP Motorsports BMW has been in the pits for several minutes, with the Mosler now on the lead lap. Its getting close!

10:07Rear bodywork of Chevron No 52 has now been removed from the track.

10:06Team Manager for N0 69 again has been asked to go to Race Control.

10:05Safety Car is now out on track again.

10:04Full course caution as the No 52 Chevron for Corum Sport has shed its rear bodywork on the main straight. May be contact-related.

10:00MB Racing Aston Martin Vantage now in the pits.

09:57Black Flag for No 16 MB Racing for excessive noise.

09:56Neil Garner Mosler takes 2nd place from MB Racing.

09:55Bonnet now off the Team LNT in the garage.

09:53Straka Porsche 996 being wheeled into the pits. Damage to left rear wheel, with possible bottom suspension joint damage.

09:51Tean LNT Ginetta back in the garage, and MB Racing Team Manager asked to go to Race Control.

09:40MP Motorsport lead is now down to 2 laps, with MB Racing and Neil Garner M/Sport applying the pressure, setting faster times.

09:35Team LNT Ginetta rejoins after an extended stay in the pits.

09:33Team LNT still in the pits. Optimum Motorsport Ginetta G50 pushed back into garage with Emily Fletcher behind the wheel.

09:30After 18 Hours: MP Motorsport lead overall and C2 (429 laps), MB Racing lead C1, Perfection Racing C3 and Red Camel lead C4

09:28Lawrence Tomlinson is bringing the G55 back into the pits.

09:23Tomlinson reports he think the car is cutting out through slow right handers – so thats Luffield, Village and Club then

09:20The Team LNT Ginetta comes into the pits – there should be come ‘investigation work’ done

09:15The Ginetta G55 slows dramatically past the pits but Lawrence Tomlinson hits Ctrl+ALt+Del and the car picks up pace again

09:13Neil Garner’s Mosler into the pits and out again for a regular service, Adam Sharpe staying in the car for a second stint

08:57Brunswick Automotive are back out on track, but have fallen to 2nd in Class Four and 6th overall

08:50Manager of the Neil Garner Motorsport/Strata 21 Mosler called to race control