Reunited, Jensen Motorsport Pairing Take Fifth At Donington

by James Broomhead

Reunited for the event Jensen Motorsport pairing Jensen Lunn and Sarah BennettBaggs finished fifth on class in the four hour Britcar MSA British Endurance Championship (BEC) race at Donington Park.

The pair survived a bitterly cold November night on the circuit’s National layout – not to mention a short rain shower that caught out both of the leading cars overall to finish fifth in class, but second amongst those eligible for points, completing 151 laps in their Chevron GR8.

Lunn, who has raced the car throughout the season, drove the opening 90 minutes of the race into the darkness before handing over for Bennett-Baggs to drive the middle part of the race, Lunn retaking the wheel in the final hour of the race.

The points helped Lunn and the team secure third place in the Class Four championship.

“It was great to be out racing with Jensen again,” said Bennett-Baggs, who raced with Lunn in 2011 in the Britcar Production Cup. “I have really enjoyed the weekend. It was my first time driving the Chevron or anything like it to be honest, it is a fun car to drive.”


“We had very few issues over the weekend obviously the low temperatures played havoc with trying to get any heat into the tyres and grip, so it took some time before the car yielded some decent times and we could have done with a few more lights. Going into ‘Craner curves’ not being able to see where the road drops was quite exciting. But the team were well prepared, worked really hard and did a great job getting us to the finish, I am so pleased Jensen got the points for his Championship result, it’s a shame it wasn’t a step or two higher. Congratulations to the Jensen Motorsport team and huge thanks to all the sponsors who gave us a great race weekend.”

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