ESM Targeting Trouble-Free Rolex 24

Extreme Speed Motorsports initial main aim is survival (Photo Credit: Grand-Am)

Scott Sharp’s Extreme Speed Motorsports is just looking to stay out of trouble and finish this weekend’s Rolex 24 at Daytona.

The team’s Grand-Am Ferrari F458 GT will be driven by Sharp along with Ed Brown, Johannes van Overbeek and Mike Hedlund. On the subject of drivers, Sharp, 44, says he has confidence in the team to punch above its weight: “I think we have the pace, the drivers, and the team experience to do extremely well and now we just have to stay clean and out of trouble.”

Hedlund, who competed in two events for ESM in 2012, is just looking to finish the race:

“My expectations for the race are simple: be there at the end. With such a deep field of cars and drivers many people would consider us an underdog and that’s ok with me, fighting above my weight class is nothing new. From our crew to the drivers, you won’t find anyone on this team that’ll back down from a good fight. Make no mistake; being there at the end will take 24 hours of driving at 100%, pit work, strategy and focus.”

Brown, a regular driver of the #03 ESM machine, relishes the challenge and also understands what the race represents: “The Rolex always has a great car count from so many manufactures and a stellar list of drivers and teams on the track.  As a driver, this level of competition where drivers from all forms of racing are on the track at the same time – this is you look forward to – racing against the best of the best in motorsports.”