Formula 4 Introduce ‘Who Zooms Award’ For 2013

The BRDC Formula 4 Championship  will reward the driver who gains the most grid places in 2013 with a new ‘Who Zooms Award’.

The award, introduced in association with Yoozoom Telecom, will give £5,000 in an effort to encourage overtaking throughout the field.

“The BRDC Formula 4 Championship is a young, dynamic and exciting new championship and matches the Yoozoom Telecom brand perfectly, so we’re delighted to be a part of it. The ‘Who Zooms Award’ is an innovative prize as it is open to everyone, irrespective of whether they finish in the points or not, and just focuses on their overtaking prowess which in turn will make the racing even more exciting,” said Yoozoom Managing Director Alex Deighton.

The ‘Who Zooms Award’ replaces the previous Privateers’ Cup prize and will see all drivers carrying Yoozoom Telecom branding on their F4 car.