Austech Motorsport Drop Hyundai Genesis GT Development

by James Charman

Austech Motorsport have announced that, after two years of research and development, they are abandoning their Hyundai Genesis GT programme.

The Australian team had designed a GT car based on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe as a cost effective alternative for the GT3 and GTE classes, with minimal changes between the two, allowing teams to compete at all major international endurance events.

Austech were forced into the decision having been unable to secure support from Hyundai for homologation. With GT3 and GTE rules requiring manufacturer’s approval, for any project to be commercially viable manufacturer support is vital.

Had the homologation been achieved, Austech were planning to sell the car to a number of parties in a wide range of series, including ADAC Masters, GT Open and Le Mans.

Austech have now begun work on designing their own GT car which will be available as a performance road car, a GT4/one make category specification and a GT3/GTE.

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