Mason fights his way to Silverstone double

Aaron Mason made it two from two in the second APR Volkswagen Racing Cup race at Silverstone, fighting his way through to take a fourth win in six events in 2013.

Pole-sitter Henry Gilbert made a decent getaway from the front slot and hug onto the lead despite Martin Depper sticking his nose up the inside of the Golf driver at Copse, although by the time the field exited Club corner for the first time Depper had found his way by into the lead.

His KPM team-mate Stewart Lines made the best start of all from seventh on the grid up to fourth place, before quickly disposing of Ross Wylie and then Gilbert at Luffield on the first lap to make it a KPM 1-2 by the end of the opening tour.

Race one winner Mason meanwhile climbed his way through the cars ahead of him, moving by Phil House when the Scirocco man ran wide at the exit of the loop. The AWM/Warranty Direct driver then took third place coming out of Copse corner from Gilbert, before quickly drafting by Lines down Hangar Straight.

Mason took three more corners on the same third lap to take the lead from Depper, squeezing by up the inside into Village, Depper being edged wide enough to allow Lines to sneak around the outside of his team-mate into the next left-hander.

Lines then proceeded to spoil Mason’s party by claiming the race lead shortly after as the top five cars circulated nose-to-tail, although Mason quickly asserted himself with a superb move around the outside of the sweeping Stowe right-hander after getting a great slipstream off the rear of his Scirocco rival.

Mason from then was untroubled as he pulled away to win by 1.036s and complete a double win at Silverstone, Lines fending off team-mate Depper as the KPM drivers rounded out the podium.

House eventually found a way by Gilbert by squeezing up the inside at Abbey on lap six, Joe Fulbrook soon finding his way by his fellow Golf driver before Chris Levett did likewise at Stowe for sixth.

Gilbert finished seventh ahead of Jack Walker-Tully, Wylie finishing in ninth ahead of Team HARD‘s Andy Wilmott.